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Client - Riverbed Technology, Inc

Industry - Information Technology

About the client

Riverbed Technology, Inc. is an American Information Technology company focused on network performance monitoring, application performance management, edge computing, Wi-Fi, and wide area networks (WANs). Founded in 2002, the company has served more than 30,000 customers including those on the Forbes Global 2000 list. It is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

Products & Services

  • Oracle EBS
  • Oracle Cloud ERP
  • Oracle PAAS
  • Several Boundary Applications

Client Speak

iconMeticulous planning and execution went into this 6 week assessment. Jade Global’s team of strong Oracle Cloud SMEs and PM collaborated closely with various IT and Business stakeholders and performed 360 degree review including the high level fit gap analysis of the existing Oracle footprint vis-à-vis the functionality in the Cloud and operational readiness. Jade experts were able to highlight some of the key business process enhancements available in the cloud. In the process they generated a positive buzz within the Customer ABS business base. The assessment team did a great job in providing a comprehensive view and implementations options. They delivered way beyond my initial expectations.icon

- Senior Director, IT, Riverbed

Business Requirements

Digital Initiative to Transform Business Processes and Applications in the Cloud

Riverbed was using Oracle EBS and several other on-premise applications for several years. They recently embarked on a digital initiative to make the organization more agile and identified Cloud as the path to move forward.

Some of Riverbed’s legacy processes carrying forward were from several years ago when its product portfolio was exclusively on-premise. Riverbed wanted to leverage this opportunity to transform business processes and its IT business applications footprint to become more modern and aligned with recent industry trends.

Riverbed’s IT footprint was wide and leveraging several best-of-breed applications within the Oracle ecosystem, as well as several applications outside the Oracle ecosystem. The company was concerned about the impact a major transformation may have on these applications.

The current systems at Riverbed were highly stable and customized to its unique requirements. Riverbed wanted to ensure that as part of this Cloud endeavor, they didn’t lose some of the cutting-edge capabilities already built for the business.

  • Alignment with Customer ABS’s “Digital Performance” strategy
  • Reduction in total cost of operations (TCO)
  • Build a scalable foundation for future innovations and agile growth
  • Getting ahead of Oracle de-support
  • Consolidating multiple business applications under a single platform
  • Enhance employee productivity

Business Challenges

On-Premise Applications Challenges

One of the major drivers for Cloud transformation was to improve Riverbed’s “Go to Market” through faster innovations. With its highly customized applications footprint, Riverbed had to make most of its changes through development efforts which caused higher lead times to roll out new business innovations. On-premise solution customers like Riverbed often have a larger TCO considering the infrastructure and larger support organization.

In addition, the on-premise applications at Riverbed were more than two decades old, but the expectations of its users to access the applications across multiple devices more intuitively posed a challenge. Luckily, most of the business processes at Riverbed had a strong baseline since they were built on Oracle’s applications. However, some processes were highly customized, which added additional lead times in making changes.

Integrations were sophisticated using the TIBCO middle ware and often very stable. However, since integration technologies and new iPaaS solutions had evolved in the marketplace over the past 20 years, there were better options available; options to make them more efficient with less coding and faster to deploy additional integrations.

  • More than 10 years of IT Business Applications systems – Requires time and patience to make changes impacting “Go to Market”
  • User Experience is challenging
  • Non-standard and customized business processes taking too long for teams to ramp up and be productive
  • Multiple systems with complex integrations are challenging to maintain
  • Constant demand of new functionality, difficult to keep up

The Solution

Oracle Cloud 360 Solution

Jade Global proposed its specialized service “Cloud 360” solution, which helps organizations create a practical path in upgrading to Oracle Cloud. As the name indicates, Jade performed a complete and thorough review of Riverbed’s business processes and applications, along with its change management aspects.

Jade Global’s Cloud 360 methodology framework provides companies that are invested in Oracle applications with a practical path to the cloud. The Cloud 360 path stresses preparation and realistic expectations, so you can reap the benefits sooner and gain more improvements overall. Figure 1 below outlines the basic track structure of the Cloud 360 methodology.

 Riverbed Image

Figure 1: Jade Global Cloud 360 Methodology


A detailed assessment was performed by a strong team of Cloud solution architects from Jade Global. Jade Global leveraged its prebuilt solutions including Popero™ for automated environment analysis to catch the critical aspects of Oracle EBS including configurations, customization's and data volumes level information. This helps Jade accelerate assessments and minimize impact on customer resources. The assessment was aligned with Riverbed’s digital performance objective to build a scalable foundation for future innovations and consolidate multiple business applications under single platform.

Jade Global’s Cloud certified experts conducted multiple business and IT workshops with Riverbed stakeholders over the course of 7 weeks. Cloud readiness workshops include a standard Jade Cloud process questionnaire (L1, L2 level) which are reviewed with business process owners. Business pain points and future project initiatives were part of these discussions. A high-level process fit-gap analysis was performed to identify major gaps in adapting standard best practices in Cloud. Jade Global’s technical Cloud architects performed a high-level study to analyze Riverbed’s current on-premise customization's and integrations; the objective was to seek opportunities in using standard Oracle Cloud processes instead.

After a thorough analysis, brainstorming, and applying experiences using Jade Global’s internal asset library, Jade prepared a detailed assessment report. The report contained transformation opportunities, process change opportunities, technical and functional mappings, and improvements. Most importantly, the report outlined change management impacts. In addition, Jade Global unearthed challenges or gaps in the functionalities and possible mitigation's.

  • Jade Global Cloud 360 Assessment to review the complete strategy in different perspectives
  • Leveraged existing knowledge of Customer ABS process, systems and deployed Jade Global standard Cloud Assessment Tools – Propero™, Process Questionnaire, and Assessment Report Template to keep the Assessment focused and comprehensive
  • Conducted 22 workshops/ interview sessions across key stakeholders involving Customer ABS business, IT and Jade Global Cloud SME’s. 30+ team members involved from Customer ABS providing inputs and participation.
  • Clear implementation options with pros and cons, ranging from a phased approach by application or geography, to big bang approaches
  • Completed L1, L2 process mapping between Oracle EBS/Current System to Oracle Cloud
  • 30 Transformation Opportunities identified and vetted. 4 Process Gaps identified in Oracle Cloud with mitigation options presented and vetted by Oracle
  • Recommendations on PAAS strategy
  • Helped prepare FY19-20 financial budgeting

Business Value Delivered

The Modernized Portal Experience

Jade Global presented two reports as an outcome of the Cloud 360 Assessment. The first report detailed all aspects of Cloud transformation and the second report contained an executive summary presentation. Below are some of the areas where the outcome provided tremendous value to Riverbed:

Transformation Opportunities: Jade identified 30 transformation opportunities where one or more business processes could be simplified, automated or consolidated within the Oracle Cloud Platform to bring process agility, standardization and significantly improve user experience and reduce the TCO.

Mapping of the Business Processes: Mapping was significant for the Riverbed, as they could visualize how existing processes would be improved and interconnected in the Cloud. The Cloud 360 Assessment outlined significant improvements that could be made. In specific cases where there were gaps, Jade Global proposed mitigation and workarounds until the time the gaps are eliminated by Oracle. Jade Global also shared future state architecture strategies comprising of applications, integrations, business processing, reporting, methodology and security. These models were developed based on reference architecture and Cloud technology considerations.

Demos and Awareness Sessions: Through demos and awareness sessions, Jade Global was able to initiate change management by openness and inclusiveness. Jade Global shared its lessons learned through performing several client transformation projects. The lessons covered the readiness required by different groups to participate and contribute effectively in Cloud transformation initiatives.

Implementation Options and Recommendations: Jade Global presented different implementation options including big bang and phased approaches with effort estimates, high-level schedules and comparisons. Jade also made recommendations that took into consideration the inputs from different Riverbed stakeholders.

At the end of the assessment, Riverbed received a strong approach for moving forward to the Cloud with confidence and was fully prepared to face the challenges in its Cloud journey.

The Benefits

  • Riverbed was provided with clear implementation options with pros and cons of each option, ranging from a phased approach by application and geography, to big bang approaches
  • Completed L1, L2 process mapping between Oracle EBS/Current System to Oracle Cloud
  • 30 transformation opportunities identified and vetted with business.
  • 4 process gaps identified in Oracle Cloud with mitigation options presented and vetted by Oracle
  • Provided recommendation on PaaS strategy
  • Helped prepare FY19-20 financial budgeting

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