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Drive Your Digital Transformation with Intelligent Robotic Process Automation

Jade Global specializes in combining the efficiencies of rule-based robotic process automation with cognitive machine learning and AI capabilities to implement solutions that enhance business productivity and reduce operational costs across the enterprise.

Robotic process automation (RPA) allows you to automate high-volume, business-rules-driven, repeatable processes with the help of smart software bots. Jade Global integrates RPA with our Kanverse Enterprise AI platform to implement solutions that can be applied across the enterprise functions

Jade RPA experts can help lead your enterprise-wide intelligent process automation journey. Jade has the expertise in helping identify suitable automation opportunities, defining an RPA roadmap, designing and automating processes, creating a governance structure and leveraging ML and AI cognitive components to make your process automation intelligent.

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Service Offerings

RPA Advisory
RPA Advisory

Process and Platform Assessment done by our experts. Demo and business cases are then prepared to give you a complete picture of the possible use cases.

Managed Services

L1 and L2 Support (Usability Support, Triage, Trouble Shooting) as well as escalation and coordination of issue resolution with development teams.

Pilot & POC’s

PoC Creation and Prototype development to give you a comprehensive idea of the pilot project. Additionally, you can also opt for RPA Infrastructure Setup & Bot Development.

Implementation Services
Implementation Services

RPA bot setup and development, Cognitive Automation using proprietary AI based Kanverse Platform, Automation Scripting, Robot Training, Testing, Deployment and more.

CoE Setup

Setting up opportunity assessment framework and ROI measurement framework. We help the team build essential skills and capacity for RPA.

Oracle Cloud Implementation Services
CoE as a Service

Identify and build a dedicated team to implement, scale, maintain, & manage RPA Solutions. Build Skills and capacity for RPA initiatives.


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