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Are you tired of the relentless efforts required to manage your organization’s diverse application ecosystem? Jade Global’s Managed Services team is made up of passionate and dedicated IT support professionals with the capability to manage your entire applications footprint. We take a unique approach to maintenance by developing a model based on progressive value realization framework. Using this customer can transform their operational model over a period of time and realize lower TCO with better quality.

We help our customers improve their IT foothold and reduce TCO with technical support, administrative maintenance, education, health checks, and critical period coverage. As opposed to traditional Managed Services which only focus on keeping the, “lights on” Jade Global’s Progressive Realization framework helps businesses to transform and rationalize their portfolio, thereby serving their stakeholders better. Explore how our core managed services offerings can improve your user experience and application resiliency so your business can focus on what really matters.


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Thank you for all the hard work that you contributed to fixing the issues to stabilize the full sandbox environment. We appreciate the discipline and collaboration that Jade Global has brought to reach the finish line successfully.

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