Find instant answers to your organizational financial queries with Finance AI by Jade Global. It is a Generative AI-driven natural language processing platform for Finance that implements 50% faster than conventional alternatives.

Managing financial data can be challenging, particularly when dealing with multiple business units, organizations, and data sources. CFO teams often face difficulties reconciling KPIs derived from various sources, and significant hours are invested in crafting financial strategies.

No more relying on your technical staff to prepare and execute complex SQL queries for your ad-hoc financial data needs. No need to browse multiple dashboards to manage your financial data. Introducing Finance AI, a Generative AI for finance by Jade Global. It centralizes all your organizational financial data, processes both structured and unstructured data from sources like Snowflake, databases, PDFs and then derives instant answers to your financial queries.

AIFinance AI - Generative AI for Finance

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Business Benefits of Using Finance AI

Finance AI is a new-age Generative AI for Finance. It gives you your very own Gen AI solution with 50% faster implementation.


Accurate Information When You Need It

Receive precise financial data inputs with enhanced accuracy.


More Time for Strategic Planning

Automate foundational tasks such as data reconciliation and get more time to focus on strategies.


Cost Savings Across Manual Operations

Reduce operational costs linked to data accumulation, processing, and analysis.


Scalable and Adaptable

Scale the AI model to accommodate your expanding business data resources and needs.


Compliance and Security

Be assured of financial compliance and data security by identifying irregularities and potential breaches.


50% faster implementation

Empower your CFO team with a Gen-AI solution that implements 50% faster compared to other conventional alternatives.

Key Capabilities of Finance AI

Capabilities of Finance AI

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