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Is your organization exploring new apps that need to be connected to existing on-premises (on-prem) or other cloud apps? Are you facing challenges in integration projects that are keeping them on hold? Jade is a preferred Boomi integration services partner who can help you overcome your challenges.

We ensure that Boomi’s industry-leading integration platform seamlessly connects any combination of your cloud, on-prem and legacy applications in a cost-effective manner with near to zero coding.

Technology requirements of the organization are increasing as new apps and platforms are always being considered, which will need to be connected to existing on-prem or other cloud apps. Such decisions can be kept aside if the challenges appear too daunting.

As a Boomi Certified Elite Partner specializing in enterprise-grade solutions for all types of integration platforms as a service (iPaaS) need, we work closely with Boomi to deliver complex, yet cost-effective integration solutions to help customers accelerate business agility and achieve rapid digital transformation.

We deploy prebuilt templates and data models from past integration solutions that empower our clients to commence integration projects with applications across the organization. These include Salesforce, NetSuite, Oracle EBS, Oracle Cloud (Fusion), SAP, Workday, and more. Our Hybrid Integration methodology helps simplify and achieve rapid time to value by reducing data and application integrations by weeks or months. We await an opportunity to set up your integration roadmap, design, and integration process.

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Discover the Ways Jade Global is Helping Companies Leverage the Boomi Integration Platform to Accelerate Business Agility and Achieve Rapid Digital Transformation
Case Study
End-to-end automated Integration between external systems, from Salesforce to NetSuite using the Boomi platform
B2B Implementation Over AS2 in Boomi


Infoblox has taken a major initiative to streamline business processes, and reimplement application systems by consolidating into two core Cloud systems- Salesforce and Oracle Fusion. We are using Boomi as the standard platform for all system integrations and ETL. With their strong Boomi, Salesforce and Orace Cloud practice, Jade helped us build 70+ integrations in just 6 months. We took advantage of their integration framework and learning from multiple implementations. Jade Global’s strength is in their professionalism, strong onshore/offshore model, flexibility, and drive to make us successful.

Ganesh Shanmukham Manager IT, BI & Integration, Infoblox

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