8 Years Boomi Partnership

200+ Boomi customers

10+ Prebuilt Solutions & Accelerators

Connect Your Applications with Jade’s Boomi Integration Services

Are you grappling with the complex task of integrating new applications with your existing on-premises or cloud-based systems? Are your integration projects hitting roadblocks due to the complexities arising from application diversity, data silos, legacy systems, and variations in EDI standards?

Look no further than Jade's Boomi Integration Services. Boomi integration platform is trusted by 20,000+ enterprises, and Jade’s expertise in Boomi has been certified with Platinum partnership.

Our Boomi-authorized techno-functional team is skilled to address your integration challenges head-on, be it B2B EDI integration, API integration, or any combination of your cloud, on-prem, and legacy applications.

With 150+ successful Boomi projects, we have helped mid-size and large enterprises with Boomi Migration, Integration, and end-to-end managed services.

Why Businesses Choose Jade as Boomi Partner

  • Prebuilt Templates and Data Models: We leverage our extensive experience and provide prebuilt templates and data models that accelerate your integration projects across the organization.
  • Integration Expertise: Our team has experience integrating a wide range of applications, including Salesforce, NetSuite, Oracle EBS, Oracle Cloud (Fusion), SAP, Workday, and more.
  • Rapid Time to Value: With our hybrid integration methodology, we reduce integration time significantly, allowing you to achieve value quickly.
  • Boomi Migration Support: As a Boomi platinum partner, we help you with rapid Boomi migration from traditional integration platform, ensuring minimal disruptions in your processes.
  • Pre-built Boomi EDI Accelerators: Jade has built multiple Boomi EDI accelerators that enhance the benefits of EDI services. These accelerators optimize your supply chain operations and enhance collaboration with trading partners.
    • B2B 360: An EDI accelerator built on Boomi for real-time visibility of business transactions
    • EDI Data Validator: A Boomi EDI accelerator built for the accuracy and compliance of your EDI data
    • B2B EDI Data Hub and Supply Chain Analytics: An EDI accelerator built with Boomi and Snowflake to make EDI data more actionable.
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Boomi Integration Cost

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Infoblox has taken a major initiative to streamline business processes, and reimplement application systems by consolidating into two core Cloud systems- Salesforce and Oracle Fusion. We are using Boomi as the standard platform for all system integrations and ETL. With their strong Boomi, Salesforce and Orace Cloud practice, Jade helped us build 70+ integrations in just 6 months. We took advantage of their integration framework and learning from multiple implementations. Jade Global’s strength is in their professionalism, strong onshore/offshore model, flexibility, and drive to make us successful.

Ganesh Shanmukham Manager IT, BI & Integration, Infoblox

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