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Documentation of your business goals, current IT Landscape, ROI Calculation, and Performance Profile of Application

In today's fast paced dynamic world, you need more than traditional management administration services to stay ahead. IT leaders must deploy new technologies rapidly to help grow their businesses while controlling IT costs. You need continuous proactive support that helps you continuously innovate, improve and manage current application portfolios and maintain essential business operations while eliminating redundancies and inefficiencies across the enterprise.

Whatever be the size or scale of your investment, Application Management Services from Jade Global can help productivity, reduce risk and accelerate time-to-value. The increasing concerns, complexities and unpredictability of the business have redefined the concept of Application Management Services (AMS). Today, AMS is expected to deliver value far beyond standard back-office support; it helps enable business transformation through enhanced speed and efficiency, cost predictability, and continuous visibility and monitoring of operations.

With a holistic AMS portfolio, enterprises need an efficient Application Managed Services (AMS) partner and this is how Jade can help

  • Meet the business demands without interrupting services
  • Lower complete cost of ownership
  • Grow the business while supporting the enterprise
  • Maintain control, visibility over applications while lowering costs


Case Study
Bringing up to date Workday functionality and Integration automation leading to 75% reduction in reporting workload for a global e-learning leader
Case Study
Leading SaaS Company Reports 99.9% Accurate Calculations for Case Management Support to Customers Across Multiple Time Zones while Receiving NetSuite Support from Jade Global
Managed Services – Proactive and Preventive Maintenance

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