Jade’s global team of business strategists, technologists and industry leaders bring fresh thinking and sector knowledge across banking and financial services IT solutions.

By using technology as a tool, we transform what a business can be, and what people can do, to build long-term value for our financial services clients.

Financial Services

Banking relationships are highly important to both users and banks. Most customers maintain a relationship with the bank which is expected for a lifetime and trust their life’s earnings are safe and invested well to beat inflation. Introduction of online and, latterly, mobile banking solutions has fundamentally altered traditional relationships in the banking area, enabling disruption to the legacy banking model.

Banking & Financial Services solutions must harness the power of technology to transform and grow at scale and speed, while meeting the growing expectations of the customer of the future. And this technology enabled features help banks to earn their future customers especially the Gen-Z.

Key Digital Offerings for Financial Services

Digitized KYC/KYB Refresh

Digital framework to manage complete KYC process. API integration to validate PEP and external data

Open Banking Integration

API based platform provider to offer white-labelled bank account solutions with 3rd party integration

Application Modernization for Cloud

Microservices enabled framework and focus on capabilities to build composable applications

Data Integration

Use of Boomi for API integration with external & internal data sources to speed up development

B2B Payments

AP/AR Automation with reconciliation with banks and ERP

Digital Banking

Bank on phone. Enable banking services on Mobile. Real-time payments and check deposits

Risk & Regulation

Build and continuous update of credit and fraud risk models. Use of bias free AI models

Prospect Marketing

Complete lifecycle of prospect marketing – modeling, data extraction and map market feedback

Insurance Services and Solutions

Jade has the experience and broad digital expertise to help insurers cultivate agility, creating seamless digital services for customers and new income streams across the business.

Digital disruption is transforming the insurance industry. This is being felt at customer engagement, better products, risk modeling and claims management. Leading insurers are broadening and diversifying their products and services as they align to meet the changing needs of their clients.

Customers expect insurers to respond faster, better, and in more personalized ways. To meet this, it is required to invest in customer-facing, cloud-based digital innovations, internet of things (IoT) and AI/ML based risk management.

The insurance companies that lead in the digital era won’t replace humans. Instead, those at the forefront of technology in insurance will intertwine technology, people, and processes to get the most out of each.

A Glimpse of Digital Offerings for Insurance Companies


Workflow for X-Application Integration

Integrate disparate application in a single workflow by harnessing our ServiceNow and Boomi expertise


Customer 360

Build flexible customer 360 view on SNOWFLAKE, Google, AWS & Data fabric


Cloud Modernization for Applications

Leverage accelerators and SaaS platform power for transformation


Data as Service (DaaS)

Use of Boomi for API integration with external & internal data sources to speed up development


Claims Settlement Optimization

Intelligent mix of Cobotic and robotic process automation to verify and settle claim and improve first pass rate


IoT Integration & Risk Modeling

Integrate IoT devices to risk modeling and apply AIOps to manage NOC rooms


Intelligent Document Processing

Use of NLP to extract information from Accord forms & use of RPA for process automation


Computable Contracts

In collaboration with MIT Codex platform, digital first third party contracts

Client Speak – Thomas Bakewell, CIO at National Insurance Alliance (NIA)

Successful Implementations

Jade has provided technical solution and advisory services for leading Banking, Financial and Insurance services provided.

Following is the quick summary of the successful implementations

California based Non-profit Insurance Company

  • Implemented Snowflake based Bigdata solutions to drive regulatory requirements. This helped streamline and integrate disparate data sources to build unified reporting solution and platform my risk modelling.
  • Successfully integrated external API to make ACH payments by using Boomi
  • Provided hyper automation of Accord forms by using internal I.P - Kanverse.ai

U.S Largest Crypto Exchange

  • Implemented DevOps model for Salesforce development and enhancements Support for Customer Experience and Partner Management Services

California Based Fintech for Lending

  • Implemented Salesforce and Marketing Automation Consulting Services
  • Cleaned and organized Lead Management
  • Contributed to establishing Customer 360 view of current customer

British-American multinational Insurance Advisor

  • Implemented SharePoint based content management solution which supported number of users. This implementation provided stable central repository with access control having version control and eliminated the practice of local storage
  • Implementation of Oracle Cloud Financials and Procurement applications

Canada Based Large Bank

  • Provided Oracle BI & Hyperion Support
  • Migrated ETL processes from Informatica to Oracle Data Integrator

Why Jade and How We Retain Customers for Life


Seamless Workflow

Integrate disparate application in a single workflow by harnessing our ServiceNow and Boomi expertise



Build flexible customer 360 view on SNOWFLAKE, Google, AWS and Data fabric


Domain Expertise

In depth industry knowledge & experience in  retails Banking, Cards and payment


External Data Integration

API integration with external. data sources like LexisNexis, Experian and more


Cut Data Procurement Cost by 60%

Leverage internal. Customer36o and reduce dependency on external data


Al First

Use of Al models to verify data with legal proofs and govt provided ID


50% Efficiency Gain by Automation

Use of RPA toolset to automate redundant task - gain efficiency and accuracy


Legacy Integration

Leverage stability of Legacy platforms - we offer integration with MF and classic 3 tier open system

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