Snowflake Consulting & Integration Services by Jade  

Is your organization limited in its ability to capitalize on data because of obsolete technology? Are you looking for a managed services partner that can manage your demanding data-related tasks? As a leading partner with Snowflake, Jade addresses all your demanding data-related challenges with our Snowflake Services.  

W. Edwards Deming famously said, “In God we trust. All others must bring data.” Along with employees, data is your most critical asset. There have been countless innovations around data collection, storage, and mining. One such powerful and intelligent innovation that can enhance your data management capability is the Snowflake Cloud Data Platform.   

Legacy and on-prem heavyweight enterprise data warehouse platforms are not flexible or robust enough for demanding business needs. We are experienced in data integration solutions, and we empower you to unlock the power of data using Snowflake Services to create maximized business value.  

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