Jade Global understands the challenges of modern and legacy systems in your way to digital core transformation. Hence we have designed our Digital Core Transformation (DCT) services portfolio, which is built around the proven framework, technology, architectures, SMEs, tools, accelerators, virtual delivery models, and industry solutions to enrich your current operational efficiency and establish digital transformation all while delivering

  • Accelerated Time to Market
  • Standardization of Your Ecosystem
  • Higher Scalability
  • Greater Agility
  • Cost Reduction
  • Improved Governance
  • Simpler Management
  • Organizational Efficiency


Jade Global understands that every digitization and transformation journey is different. Our industry-proven transformation framework using our AMDES (Assess-Map-Decide-Execute-Sustain) proprietary approach helps our customers create a strategic approach to accelerate their journey while creating new capabilities and innovations.

  • Discover application inventory
  • Server scan
  • Portfolio analysis
  • Assess readiness for transformation in comparison to target architecture
  • Target application value assessment
  • Assess application complexity & enterprise map
  • Assess application technology options
  • Software map
  • Align to migration reference architecture
  • Build decision tree
  • Decide application transformation path
  • Group and sequence applications
  • Operation transformation factory
  • Migrate, remediate, modernize and decommission apps
  • Validate and test
  • Establish and invoke deployment readiness
  • Build services framework
  • Provide effective and sustainable support
  • Orchestrate infrastructure as a code, CI/CD
  • Optimize and continuously improve efficiency

How are our solutions/services better than what exists in the market for a given problem(s)

Our end-to-end Digital Core Transformation (DCT) Portfolio provides an industry-leading set of partnerships, platforms, technologies, and tools to create an optimized transformation framework for customers. Our deep experience in assessment & advisory lays the foundational strength for creating the vision for our customers. Our global delivery model allows customers a “round the clock” model to provide delivery excellence. Our deep expertise with customers in various industry verticals gives us the unparalleled experience to co-create deep value for our customers.

Our Capabilities

  • Assessments Complete analysis of your IT footprint with short, medium, and long-term improvement recommendations
  • Value Chain Assessment Get a three-step assessment to improve your supply chain. Includes mapping and measurement of your value chain and defining a roadmap to implement changes
  • Global Roll-out Services Work with our professional consultants to see up to 40% reduction in operational costs through standardization of global business processes.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions We improve the value from your M&A transaction with an integrated roadmap, conversion and data strategy, training, support, and more.

Business Benefits

Modern applications require modern delivery capabilities to:

  • Deal with unknown requirements
  • Deliver software faster
  • Embed market feedback fast
  • Improve customer experience
  • Design and develop great software applications

Business Benefits using modern application delivery:

  • Realize gains up to 70% productivity
  • 30% savings on story points
  • 20% reduction in Time to Market
  • Gain up to 40% savings in the cloud
  • 32% reduced TCO

Let our industry experts help you create an optimized Digital Core Transformation strategy and realize the benefits to your business.

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