Salesforce User Management Solution- Manage Your Salesforce Users' Onboarding, Offboarding, and Everything in Between in 50% Less Time.

Managing access permissions for individual users, onboarding and offboarding them one-by-one using multiple screens & clicks is a drain on your time and efforts. What if you could do all of these in 50% less time?

Here you have UserEase-your go-to salesforce user management solution that saves half of your time every day. With pre-defined access management templates and a unified user interface, UserEase empowers you to work faster, smarter, and more productively. Its unique highlight is the ability to handle multiple users offboarding. It is a Salesforce Lightning-ready solution for compliance-focused user management.

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Key Features of UserEase


Pre-defined Access Management Templates

Set up access permissions for specific business units or departments and use them as a template during user onboarding. You no longer need to configure individual access permissions. When adding a new user, simply choose the relevant business unit, and the system will automatically assign the necessary access permissions to the User.

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Joint-Offboarding of Multiple Users

Accelerate the User offboarding process for enhanced organizational data security. Single-user offboarding is excessively time-consuming, mainly when dealing with frequent multiple offboarding scenarios. UserEase streamlines this by enabling you to deactivate multiple users efficiently with a few clicks only.


One-Stop Access Management

Manage your salesforce users and their access permissions without navigating through multiple screens or executing numerous clicks. Our minimalist user interface centralizes access management, enabling you to handle permissions for multiple users effortlessly from one convenient location.


Lightning Ready Solution

Unlike many alternatives tailored for Salesforce Classic, which will soon be discontinued, UserEase aligns with the Lightning experience. This ensures ongoing relevance and efficiency, making it a reliable choice for efficient Salesforce user management in the evolving Salesforce environment.

Business Benefits of UserEase for Salesforce User Management

Salesforce User Management Benefits

Save up to 50% time

Save half of your time on User Management activities. UserEase provides quicker navigation & fewer clicks for onboarding, access management & offboarding.

Salesforce User Management Benefits

License-Based User Management

Minimize unnecessary license costs by seamlessly identifying and deactivating the accounts that have been inactive for the past 6 months or 1 year.

Salesforce User Management Benefits

Compliance-Focused User Onboarding

Avoid compliance risks and penalties by mitigating errors in creating and managing user records and their access permissions in Salesforce.

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