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Are you looking to systematically manage financials and automate other portions of your client’s business processes? Jade’s NetSuite Consulting Services can help you manage your core business processes through a single, fully integrated system that covers Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), financials, Advisory Consulting Technical Services, Implementation Services, Data Migration Services, Managed Services, Xenon for NetSuite, and more.    

You can add NetSuite to your existing ERP solutions or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, and our NetSuite Integration Services ensure a smooth transition. Our end-to-end integration service enables you to quickly connect NetSuite to your critical business applications and data.  

As a leading NetSuite Alliance Partner, our NetSuite Services covers Implementation, Integration, Data Migration, and Technical Services to prepare for your next upgrade and maintain your NetSuite System.   

We offer NetSuite Service packages for Services Companies, Software, and Wholesale Distribution Industries. With our vast experience and successfully managed projects, we can manage your global business processes with a world-class, scalable ERP solution powered by NetSuite.    

Jade has years of experience building NetSuite integrations. Our best-in-class support and tailored customer success methodology enable companies to accelerate business outcomes with our specialized NetSuite Services. Allowing them to go live in days or weeks, not months or years, thereby, reaping maximum business benefits



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Jade's Pre-Built Solutions

Jade Shop Floor Management (JSFM)


Lot Based Manufacturing solution for the Fabless Semicon Industry is not available in many ERP applications. To meet the requirements of this industry, Jade has built a solution that can be deployed on Oracle PaaS and integrated into Oracle Fusion Cloud SaaS and NetSuite using native APIs. This solution is highly modular and can be used for any ERP application. To know more, click here


Requirements for data loads were shifting for weeks as the business solidified its approach. No tooling existed for metadata duplication. Both companies decided to change fiscal years in the middle of implementation. These were weathered with ease by an experienced Jade Netsuite team, who made adjustments in real-time to produce a working general ledger, fiscal calendar, workflows, dimensions, and a full set of ready master data.

Raun Nohavitza

VP, Cloud Operations and IT, Centrify

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