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Does limited real-time visibility into your B2B transactions complicate your decision-making, hinder customer experience, and create challenges in supply chain collaboration?

Now, you can have 100% real-time visibility and control over your B2B transactions with Jade's B2B 360, a unified EDI dashboard built on the Boomi Integration Platform.

Built by Jade Global, a Boomi Certified Platinum Partner, B2B 360, is a comprehensive EDI dashboard designed to transform your B2B operations by providing real-time visibility and simplified management of your transactions, purchase orders, invoices, etc.

EDI Dashboard A plug-and-play solution

EDI Dashboard BAR and PIE charts

EDI Dashboard Multiple search filters

EDI Dashboard report Downloadable reports

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Jade as Boomi Platinum Partner

B2B Dashboard for industries

20 years of industry experience

B2B Dashboard

150+ successful Boomi projects

B2B Dashboard

Boomi Partner Award Winner (Two consecutive years)

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Business benefits of Using Jade's B2B 360

B2B Dashboard

Easily Configurable

This EDI dashboard can be easily configured and deployed with minimum installation scripts for any B2B customer/partner.

B2B Dashboard simplified

Simplified Visual Representation

Chart components visually represent B2B transaction details, such as the success/failure of selected partners or transaction type.

B2B Dashboard for real time visibility

Real-time visibility 

The B2B Dashboard provides a unified real-time view of transaction status with the ability to view success, failure, and in-progress transactions.

B2B Dashboard information

Informed Business Decisions

B2B transactions trend analysis of purchase orders and invoices helps in informed decision-making.

B2B Dashboard downloaded reports

Downloadable Reports

Download and view the payload of B2B transactions directly from Jade’s EDI dashboard.

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