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Snowflake has emerged as a leader in on-demand cloud data warehousing, offering a delivery model that provides runtime resources when needed. This unique approach allows teams to pay only for the time Snowflake is running, effectively reducing idle time costs.

While embracing the cloud solution like Snowflake brings numerous benefits, navigating this new landscape can be challenging. Organizations are bound to have questions like how to monitor usage and tailor it to unique business needs? What kind of resources will it consume? How much storage will it require? What will be the impact on billings?

Organizations should be able to monitor their cloud environments to ensure optimal storage utilization to monitor their cloud environments to ensure optimal utilization of storage, cost efficiency, high performance, and risk mitigation. Without accurate monitoring, managing individual accounts for software development environments, such as Dev, UAT, and Production, can become overwhelming over time

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Introducing Consumption Metrics, A monitoring accelerator for Snowflake accounts by Jade a Snowflake Implementation Partner.

By leveraging open-source languages like Python and Microsoft Power BI, Jade has built a state-of-the-art Snowflake monitoring dashboard. This innovative solution provides a 360-degree view of the health of all Snowflake accounts owned by an organization.

Snowflake monitoring dashboard

Need for Consumption Metrics:

Snowflake being a pay-as-you-go model provides the basic Billing & Usage dashboard to track an account.

This dashboard has below limitations

  • One needs Account Admin privileges
  • No provision to filter the data
  • Provides basic information available like Usage by Day and Credits Uses
  • User can only see information of only one account at a time. So if an organization has multiple accounts there is no easy way to see metrics at org level.

Features of Consumption Metrics

  • Simple and easy to use utility
  • Uses open-source tools and techniques
  • State of the art Power BI dashboards on Compute Cost, Credit Forecasting, Slow Running queries, Storage Cost
  • Can slice and dice consumption data across key dimensions
  • Reporting available on key metrics likes Cost Variance per day, Org wise cost, Top 5 running queries, Queries over time, Storage, Stage, Fail Safe cost by week, etc

Business Benefits of Using Jade’s Consumption Metrics

snowflake monitoring dashboard benefits

Intuitive interface for seamless integration with Snowflake's features

snowflake monitoring dashboard benefits

Comprehensive visibility from operational level to the C-suite

snowflake monitoring dashboard benefits

Effective monitoring and optimization of cloud environments

snowflake monitoring dashboard benefits

Simplified management through data consolidation and visualization

snowflake monitoring dashboard benefits

Stay ahead in the evolving cloud computing landscape

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