The future of data analytics is with Databricks, and your fastest way to get there is Jade Global's Migration Accelerator.

Legacy warehouses are underprepared for the explosive data growth that's going on for your business. Difficulties in processing unstructured data, lack of advanced analytics, and poor integration with other systems lead to increased costs and extended project timelines.

Leave behind all these limitations of legacy warehouses by migrating to Databricks, the world's first data intelligence platform powered by generative AI.

If you have uncertainties regarding the time and cost involved in the migration, then Jade Global has the solution. Leverage our Migration Accelerator that drives 30% faster migration with up to 40% lower TCO.

Know How We Fasttrack Your Migration to Databricks.

Our Databricks Services

As a certified Databricks partner, we can help you modernize your data platform by moving to Databricks Lakehouse.

Why Partner with Jade Global for Databricks Migration

30% Faster Migration

Experience faster and more cost-effective implementation with Jade's pre-defined frameworks, pre-built data models, test automation, and the already evaluated Fit-Gap register.


Risk-Free Migration Methodology

Never face any risk of project failure with Jade's purpose-built hybrid-agile migration methodology that drives incremental upgrades.


Flexible Engagement Model

Engage through our flexible model to meet your needs—whether it's just data lake migration or an end-to-end upgrade.


Sessions with Industry Experts

Experience smoother transitions with Jade experts who deliver knowledge transfer sessions and training to your in-house team.


Post-Go-Live Managed Services

Receive post-go-live managed services until your Data bricks stabilize in production. 

Our Accelerated Framework for Legacy to Databricks Migration

Request for services

Find out more about how we can help your organization navigate its next. Let us know your areas of interest so that we can serve you better.

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