5 Reasons Life Sciences Organizations Need Cloud ERP
Published by Srinivas K Belthur in collaboration with NetSuite

Pre-revenue and SMB life sciences companies have specific needs, including going public, raising funds, successfully finishing stage II clinical R&D trials, and preparing for commercial launch, among others.

Checking off all of these…

Top Hi-Tech trends shaping the future
by Sanoobar Shaikh

The tech has been a driver of economic growth for decades. And it's not likely to let up anytime soon. The hi-tech industry is characterized by rapid innovation that often results in market…

TestNG Framework & Its Benefits in Selenium
by Tarit Ray

Selenium users have started using the TestNG framework widely because of its advantages over JUnit. Many shortcomings of JUnit are overcome in TestNG, and it is designed to make end-to-end testing easy. 'NG' in TestNG stands for "Next Generation…

Implementing microservice as part of architectural transformation- learnings from the field
by Vaibhav Mandrawadker


What are Microservices (MS)? – Any guesses? As the name suggests, any business requirement that can be broken into a “Micro” level and implemented as…

Tooltip at Oracle Page
by Sunil Kumar Ojha, Manish Agarwal


Inherently "sticky" elements in desktop and mobile UIs, Tooltips have been around for quite some time. You can argue that they are outdated, but there is still a place for them to be used in modern web and…

How to implement Page Object Model
by Rohan Natu

Page Object Model (POM) is a design pattern used in Test Automation that creates an Object repository for Web Elements. It is used for exalting test maintenance…