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In the early 1990s, a senior executive with a large West Coast retail bank described her organization’s customer service as “the cream of the crap.” In her opinion, it really wasn’t very good, but it was better than their competitors.

Supply chain planning
by Amogh Dike

Industry Trends and Challenges

The Covid situation has underlined the importance of speedy development and manufacturing of drugs. Most companies prefer to outsource the manufacturing, packaging, and distribution…

Low code integration
by Sanoobar Shaikh

Low-code is a strong and vital modern integration cloud capability. In today’s business environment, speed is everything, and low-code allows that impeccably. Any business can accelerate speed and possess flexibility in their integration process…

Fluent UI
by Mohammad Afzal Khan


In the current roadmap, Microsoft is already considering that all its future office applications will use Fluent design in their various UI elements. Future enhancements in Microsoft Teams will also be built…

by Deepali Salve

In Today's world, security has become necessary, and software security is one of the most critical aspects. Many web applications exist in the market to make our lives easier and much more enjoyable. We can pay bills online, chat with friends,…

by Sachin Patake

What is ORDS?

ORDS offers you the power to publish a REST API for your information residing in the database. ORDS makes it simple to develop a REST interface/service for relative information. This comparative information…