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Published by Vinit Verma

As digital transformation and IoT adoption continue to increase, legacy integration solutions have become more complex and expensive to manage.

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by Vinit Verma
6 Reasons to Use Bootstrap 5 for better UI development
by Pratikasha Shinde

Hearing the word Bootstrap a lot these days and wondering what it is? Read on to understand what Bootstrap is and how it is helpful in web designing. Websites have become an integral part of any business,…

Determining the Best ERP System for Growth
by BK Srinivas

It’s a familiar story: An entry-level accounting system no longer meets the needs of a business that may have started using it only a few years before. There’s more inventory to manage, or more customers to track, or new global markets to conquer…

Data Integration with Snowflake
by Varsha Diwan


Data Integration is a process by which a variety of data is collated into a unified system that adds value to any…

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by Manoj Machiwal

The IT and Business Disconnect

What if, you could easily reconnect to business value which is driven by IT KPIs? With the footprint of IT/ Operations team, organizations may be able to develop KPIs which could directly…