COvid 19
Published by Sukanya Patwardhan

Role of Communication

Current Corona Virus situation is ‘once in a life-time event’ or more like a ‘once in a few life times (if at all) event’

by Devnarayan Dewangan

In Oracle ERP, most of the inovice implementation consultants and business users are still unclear on how COGS (Cost of Goods Sold) and Revenue recognition works. Revenue and COGS accounting is an important aspect of Revenue and COGS recognition…

Financial rapid implementation
by Kamlesh Shrivas
An efficient and time-saving solution to configure your Oracle financials.


Rapid Implementation is an Excel (Spreadsheet) based utility process that is used for configuring the critical and…

bank change
by Manish Deo

Recently, one of our clients made a business decision to change their existing bank. The client thought that it will be a simple change with minimal efforts and cost. As their IT partners, we made them understand the complexity of the change and…

Intercompany transactions
by Swapnil Patkar

Select Manage Intercompany Outbound Transactions task as an initiator of an intercompany transaction.

Goto Intercompany Accounting >> Transactions

by Swapnil Patkar
  • Fund transfers and payments directly from within Cash Management
  • Directly transfer cash based on cash balances and position
    • There is no…