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When Jade Global started providing strategic IT services to customers two decades ago, the Enterprise IT marketplace witnessed a major shift. Amazon Web Services (AWS) started defining the standard of cloud computing and even has been the leading public cloud computing service provider ever since

While AWS public cloud platform, the current major player in Cloud services, changed the Enterprise IT landscape – spurring innovation, reducing the cost of doing business, and enabling organizations of all shapes and sizes to expand their global presence; at Jade Global, we continued to be a partner in digital innovation for our customers - building and enhancing their digital enterprise through our host of consulting, application development and management, and infrastructure managed services.

Jade AWS Cloud Services

Jade’s turnkey solutions enable customers to run their enterprise workloads seamlessly on the AWS cloud platform. Over time we have sharpened our toolsets to help customers easily migrate and operate many business applications on the AWS cloud platform, modernize application stacks to avail most benefits of cloud-native AWS services, optimize management and governance mechanisms to run efficient, cost-effective development and operational pipelines, and develop new data repositories and applications on AWS public cloud to maximize the enterprise capabilities fully.

As an AWS Consulting Partner, we can help you devise a cloud strategy and build and sustain your IT landscape on AWS public cloud.

We take ownership of what we do and be on the side of our customers once and for always. For customers still exploring their migration and modernization options, we provide valuable advisory services to identify the value chains and then define platform, application, and data strategies that align with their business architecture and drive value. As the customers s get immersed into the cloud, our team of AWS experts work alongside customers to build foundational pieces and establish best practices that shape the journey.

For customers running workloads on AWS cloud, we provide optimization and enhancement support – improving ROI through architectural enhancement, and making way for new services, APIs, and data stores, built on top of AWS.


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