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Align your Enterprise & Reveal Key Insights with Powerful Analytics!

Oracle EPBCS (Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud)
June 8, 2018

Oracle Analytics Cloud The Future of Essbase is here!

Oracle Analytics Cloud is a Cloud-based platform that can take data in any shape or size from any source — desktop, enterprise, data center.
November 8, 2017

ASC-606 Revenue Implementations - Transition Methods, Data Extraction & Conversion

With the new revenue standards from FASB and IASB round the corner, it's time for you to plan your transition.
September 14, 2017

Are your Manufacturing apps ready to evolve to the Cloud?

The Cloud is transforming today’s manufacturing companies into service-oriented and collaborative businesses by enabling them to access large amounts of critical data in real time anywhere along their supply chains, and at a reduced cost

June 22, 2017
37 Mins

ASC 606: The Impact is on Your Whole Organization

Do you think it affects only your Accounting? Think again! This webinar on ASC 606 covered actionable guidance for you to ensure that your systems and processes are opportunity ready.

April 27, 2017
29 Mins

Transform Your Data Integration Platform From Informatica To ODI

Watch this webinar to know why to transform your Data Integration Platform from Informatica To ODI.

April 7, 2017
31 Mins

To Cloud Or Not To Cloud

Understand how to determine the right time for your migration to the Cloud, the challenges faced during migration, and the changes in your technology cost due to this migration

March 16, 2017
40 Mins

Rise of ASC 606 Overcome the new Revenue Recognition rules in your ERP

Learn a profound approach in adopting ASC 606 and how you can scale down for all future change in Rev-Rec guidance and product initiatives.

December 1, 2016
38 Mins