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In Banking & Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail, and Media domains, data plays a vital role in driving the business efficiently. Ensuring that any user, process, or application does not misuse data is equally important. With the GDPR mandate and PII regulations, one must be cautious about securing customers’ sensitive data. Customer data, called the PII data like Account Numbers, SSNs, Tax IDs, etc., is highly sensitive. There are very stringent data protection policies in many countries. E.g., GDPR mandate in European countries. Organizations take utmost care to protect this data, but there are use cases where this sensitive data is required to be accessed by people who are not the owners of it, like IT teams. Data in Test/QA environments are open and easily accessed by developers and QA teams.

Organizations have multiple environments for development and QA activities. Data masking policies are applied in Prod, but what about the lower environments? How can one hide the above PII-related information in Test/QA environments? How can one hide this information in cloud platforms like Snowflake? And be consistently done across all environments.

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What Jade a Snowflake Partner has to offer:

Jade Global has devised a unique solution of dynamically masking, leveraging Snowflake’s masking policies in non-Prod environments. It allows you to define Snowflake’s masking policies, attach policies to custom classifications and create granular metadata. This solution will upscale Snowflake Data cloud Governance in multiple test environments across business domains and projects. Below is the architecture diagram of the solution.

The Key Features of the Solution

  • Protect your information from accidental and intentional threats received
  • Comply with data protection laws – HIPAA, PCI DSCC, CCPA, etc.
  • Masks sensitive data like SSN, DOB, Phone Numbers, and Credit card in non -production environments
  • Reduce the risk of a data breach where data is more vulnerable

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