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Innovative and Robust Enterprise Integration for your Diverse Ecosystem

Today, diversification of organizational ecosystems is the norm, but it can be a challenge to centralize vast amounts of data. We understand your organization operates on multiple platforms, each with its own applications running simultaneously. It is essential to properly collate all this data, not only for efficiency, but for analytics purposes. Moreover, integrating new platform as a service (iPaaS) and software as a service (SaaS) initiatives with a mix of Cloud and on-premise applications can be daunting for internal teams to handle alone. Our team is experienced in cross-platform integration, from on-premise to Cloud or vice versa.

Jade helps our customers choose the right integration solution that can be easily scaled, adapt as business requirements change, and empower new business models without replacing existing frameworks. We offer an innovative ‘Enterprise Integration Strategy’ that allows you to achieve your IT objectives at lower costs, greater efficiency, and increased visibility.

Jade is a Certified System Integration Partner of leading Integration Platforms including Boomi, Jitterbit, Mulesoft, Oracle Integration Cloud, Oracle SOA, and TIBCO among many others. We specialize in implementing enterprise-grade solutions for all types of integration needs including A2A, EAI, EDI, B2B, ETL, MDM and API management.

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Calculate the real cost of your integration project with Boomi and get an insight into your total savings.

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Boomi ROI

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Inform your EDI Implementation decision and ensure great success in your EDI initiatives, with Jade's Boomi EDI Calculator.

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With their strong Boomi, Salesforce and Orace Cloud practice, Jade Global helped us build 70+ integrations in just 6 months. We took advantage of their integration framework and learning from multiple implementations. Jade Global’s strength is in their professionalism, strong onshore/offshore model, flexibility, and drive to make us successful.

Ganesh Shanmukham Manager IT, BI & Integration, Infoblox

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