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Planning to migrate from Salesforce Classic to Lightning but experiencing uncertainties due to the time and cost involved; How long will it take? How much will it cost you?

This is where Jade's Convertorama comes in as an accelerator that helps you migrate from Salesforce Classic to Lightning 10 X faster and reduces your conversion costs by 25-40%.

Convertorama targets one of the most significant challenges that organizations face when migrating to Lightning, i.e the conversion of Classic Attachments, Notes, and Document folders to their Lightning Alternatives, such as Files, Enhanced Notes, and Libraries.

Convertorama Is Your Fastest Way to Move from Salesforce Classic to Lightning

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Business benefits - Why Do You Need Jade’s Convertorama?

As Salesforce Classic is reaching the end of life with new features released exclusively for Lightning UI, it is strongly recommended that your business migrate from Classic to Lightning if not already done.

With its lightning-fast speed, cost-reduction features, and progress-tracking capabilities, Convertorama is your ultimate solution for hassle-free migration from Classic to Lightning.

  • Migrate at lightning speed
  • Reduce your conversion costs by 25-40%
  • Track the progress of your conversions
  • Get built-in error handling mechanism.
  • Monitor conversions and get completion emails
  • Ensure accurate conversion of large file attachments

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