Accelerate your Salesforce Classic to a Lightning Migration Journey

Salesforce launched the Lightning experience to give an intuitive, future/mobile-ready, and quicker User Interface that enhances user productivity with features that allows them to focus more on their strategic deliverables. With Salesforce only releasing the latest features, innovations, and tools on Lightning (Salesforce Classic will cease to receive updates and will no longer be maintained), the move to Lightning is the way forward for any organization. With Lightning, you can adapt a Mobile-First strategy and start building mobile-compatible UI components.

Firms that want to go the Lightning way must plan challenges and pitfalls to make this move a profitable and productive one for all stakeholders. They need a migration plan that seamlessly converts all Classic components into their Lightning Alternatives without affecting the business and enables the many productivity features that are introduced in Lightning, allowing you to extract the maximum benefits. A strong Change Management framework must also be put in place to help increase adoption of Lighting among users and track it using Salesforce Dashboards.

One area where organizations face issues is the conversion and migration of Classic Attachments, Notes, and Document folders to their Lightning Alternatives - Files, Enhanced Notes, and Libraries. This migration is complex and time-consuming and needs to be monitored so that you do not end up reworking or fixing errors.

Convertorama – Easy-to-use, Free Appexchange Utility

Convertorama – Easy-to-use, Free Appexchange Utility

Jade’s Convertorama is a Salesforce Classic to Lightning Migration utility available at no charge on AppExchange.

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Convertorama is specifically designed to solve the problems surrounding Attachments, Notes, and Document Folders, while accelerating the migration of Classic Attachments, Notes, and Document Folders, it also provides tracking and reporting on migrated Attachments, Notes, and Folders.

Convertorama Capabilities

  • Convert Attachment to Files
  • Convert Notes to Enhanced Notes
  • Convert Document Folders to Libraries and Documents to Files
  • Email Notifications upon Completion of Jobs
  • Detailed and Accurate Status Reporting
  • Error Handling Mechanism

How Can Convertorama Help You?

  • Convertorama is easy to use and available as a free, installable utility on Salesforce AppExchange
  • Convertorama is 10X faster than completing products
  • Reduces cost by 25-40% for Attachments to Files conversions
  • Built-in comprehensive Error Handling mechanism
  • Provides more accurate conversion and tracking of large file attachments as compared to similar products
Convertorama – Easy-to-use, Free Appexchange Utility
Convertorama – Easy-to-use, Free Appexchange Utility

Jade Global’s Capabilities

The right partner with the right approach and teams for a distinctive edge.

  • Jade Global is a Salesforce SUMMIT Level partner and we have experience with numerous, successful Salesforce Classic to Lightning Migration projects. Our experts will guide you at every step of your Classic to Lighting Migration journey, helping you to manage risks and reduce costs.
  • Jade Global offers Salesforce Advisory, Implementation, Enhancements, and Managed Services across Salesforce Clouds Salesforce Classic to Lightning Migration
  • Jade also provides support for Convertorama-related issues or helps you get started with it. Jade can also provide advisory services and plan a roadmap for your Lightning Implementation
  • Jade has end-to-end solution capabilities with deep expertise across ERP, third party applications, integrations, and Analytics & Testing Automations
    • Partnerships with Oracle, NetSuite, SAP, and Salesforce – unmatched skills in enterprise application management
    • Partnerships with Boomi and MuleSoft
  • Managed service culture – we build it, we own it
    • Whether it is Enterprise apps, Integration layer, or the underlying infrastructure – we always stand by what we build – our customers rely on us in just making their IT work – a no-nonsense approach to value delivery

Customer Benefits

  • Quicker Implementation - 10X faster migration than completing products
  • Cuts down on costs to convert Attachments, Notes, and Folders to their Lightning Alternatives by 25-40%
  • Quick Support for any Convertorama app issues from our Jade Salesforce experts. Please email us at
  • Progress and Status Monitoring: The App provides a detailed and accurate status of conversion progress and sends an email notification of status upon completion
  • Built-in Error Handling mechanism.
  • Accurate conversion of large file attachments
Customer Benefits

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