CRM Tools always play a crucial role in optimizing sales and this will be even more important in the post COVID era. In this watch on-demand webinar, our CRM thought leaders talk about how businesses can leverage Salesforce CPQ to meet sales opportunities efficiently during and post this pandemic. They have covered the following topics:

How to configure promotions on existing Salesforce Selling Models to increase Sales?

As buying patterns are changing businesses see an acute need to add promotions through smart pricing in order to trigger a deal. Since businesses already have a predefined/configured selling model incorporating promotions into it could be tedious. However, with Salesforce CPQ they can deploy a plug and play solution which offers various pre-approved promotions through different models to agents empowering them to make the right decisions quickly and increase sales volume.

How to forecast and manage SaaS Revenue with Salesforce CPQ?

This is especially beneficial for businesses offering Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) which is fundamentally a subscription business with a mix of recurring software revenue and one-time implementation services. In SaaS businesses as sales dip during these times it has become extremely important to know what the run rate of sales is to accurately predict ROI. With some SaaS specific customizations, Salesforce CPQ helps in forecasting and managing subscription revenue metrics such as ACV, TCV, ARR, and MRR thereby giving businesses an accurate ROI calculation.

How to leverage Salesforce Approval Process to quickly close sales deals?

Many businesses have a complex approval process for sales quotes. In current times salespeople do not want to lose any opportunity that they have to sell owing to a complex approval process. With Salesforce CPQ smart approval process agents can cut approval time by more than half by jumping pre-approved stages. For instance, if there are 5 stages of which the process is rejected at step 3, the agent will not have to repeat steps 1 & 2 when they submit a quote for reapproval. This can help businesses close sales deals very quickly.