Find out how you can integrate Salesforce with marketplace platforms to slash your costs and boost your sales.

In the contemporary business landscape, an increasing number of enterprises are opting for marketplace-driven approaches to showcase and distribute their solutions and products. But how can you fully leverage the power of this model that can profoundly impact your company’s growth trajectory?

This webinar delves into the realm of marketplace selling, where Barracuda Networks, a global leader in network security solutions along with Jade Global’s experts, are shedding light on crucial aspects of Marketplace integration with Salesforce.

Watch the On-Demand Webinar and Receive Critical Insights on Best Practices for Success in Marketplace Selling

  • Strategic Advantages of Marketplaces

    Learn why High-Tech companies are turning to marketplace-selling and how it is helping them.

  • Integrating and Empowering Solutions

    Explore the innovative solution framework that Jade has developed to empower Barracuda by integrating Salesforce with CloudBlue through MuleSoft.

  • Jade's Marketplace Consultancy

    Experts sharing actionable tips on how you can shape up your marketplace selling strategy.