Are you customizing your offerings for individual customers to give them a compelling reason to buy?

Does diverging from the standard quotes result in enhanced cash flow, as intended? Perhaps occasionally, but not usually! It’s straightforward math - a fee lower than usual for extra services will lead to losses.

The solution lies with Configure, Price, and Quote (CPQ). It is an AI-powered solution that gives your sales reps the power and confidence to create accurate pre-approved quotes, resulting in the quick closing of deals. It provides a centralized workflow for quotations, contracts, and subscriptions.  

What is the Quote to Cash Challenge?

Even with a CPQ at the core, deploying a distinct infrastructure that meets your organization’s ‘quote-to-cash’ protocol is challenging. Besides, there are bottlenecks like slow deployment, high failure rate, and budget overruns.  

Jade can help you to get answers for your ‘Quote-to-Cash’ optimization need with Salesforce CPQ deployment and gain maximum ROI. 

Key Learnings: 

  • Scope of ‘Quote-to-Cash’ automation with Copado DevOps
  • Salesforce CPQ deployment and maintenance support by Jade
  • Effective integration with organizational apps
  • Salesforce CPQ optimization in line with business growth and dynamic releases
  • How Jade helps enable more flexible support for changing business priorities
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