A webinar on why companies need a future-proof Data handling solution to comply with the US Government’s present and future EPA norms and a demonstration of how Net Zero is successfully moving towards its sustainability goal with Salesforce Net Zero Cloud and Jade’s assistance.

By 2025, the digital economy will be responsible for 4% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, so it’s crucial to prioritize sustainability. Carbon-free energy is key to ensuring that our digital transformation is sustainable. 

In this Webinar You will Learn:

  • How to Efficiently manage real-time sustainability data
  • Automate supplier emissions tracking
  • Forecast and reduce risk
  • Set digital transformation goals  
  • Accelerate journey to carbon neutrality 
  • Strategy to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon footprint

Watch Net Zero Cloud in Action

We are having a webinar where our experts will give a demonstration of how Net Zero Cloud can be used to offset an organization’s carbon emissions.  

Watch Webinar