Currently operating in 17 countries, our client aggregates job listings from thousands of sites across the Web and distributes them on their website, social networks, blogs, and through other website partners. Operating one of the world’s largest job search engines, our client connects job seekers and employers through a powerful search engine platform and a performance-based job advertising solution.

Client Requirements

  • Offshore partner with a dedicated team of experts and the capability to scale-up rapidly
  • To collaborate with a team of experts who are able to design, build and fix web crawler robots for employers, job boards and recruiters
  • 24-hour turnaround time for all sales support requests
  • Daily and weekend support to monitor, fix, retire or repair broken robots
  • Intelligent metrics based reporting

Key Challenges

  • Gathering data manually was expensive, put a strain on administrative staff, and there was a high volume of errors

Jade Global’s Solution

  • Create and maintain an automated robot that pulls listings from job boards, company pages, online classifieds and other data sources
  • Build a web crawling solution based on Kapow software
  • Develop an Automated Testing Framework using an open source testing tool - Selenium
  • Create a testing scope inclusive of Unit testing, Regression Testing, System testing, Integration testing, Load testing and Performance testing
  • Follow the Agile development and testing methodology for quick delivery of robots

Business Benefits

  • End-to-end automation solution improved data acquisition accuracy
  • Accelerated results and increased staff efficiency
  • Offshore delivery model substantially reduced development and maintenance costs