Jade’s Testing Services address the needs of digital transformation testing. We assure digital transformations by conducting all-inclusive testing across your enterprise business, encompassing web and mobile browsers, web portals, and desktop applications. Jade Global has developed checklists, frameworks, processes, methodologies, and best practices to ensure effective and efficient validations of text, images, and videos of applications across devices.

With the shift in the overall paradigm of digital services where customers are looking to move away from on-prem to cloud. QA/QE As A Service is the latest evolution in the software testing space, rapidly gaining traction in the market as a cloud-based delivery model.

Customers can offload business activities to a service provider rather than their employees and resources. Our As A Service offering may involve engaging consultants to help advise employees or simply outsourcing an area of testing to us.

Jade’s QA /QE as a Service is a process-driven approach independent of people. We provide holistic unification of our 'As a Services'

Portfolio Overview

Functional testing

How Jade can help and what are the USP's of our offerings as a whole

Jade Global advises and helps companies with emerging technology initiatives through rigorous functional testing, performance testing, security testing, and validations under different conditions.

Jade offers TaaS to cater the on-demand testing capacity to the customer’s need for the ever-evolving software industry and its demand for technologically complex software with exceptional automated business processes, standard quality, infrastructure, scalability, and reduced cost.

TaaS is considered a viable testing model in the agile development and DevOps approaches since it helps achieve business objectives and innovation with the desired speed. It increases High Scalability with Jade’s Functional Expertise, Automation Capability, and Testing Center of Excellence. It also provides Higher efficiency with Jade’s Best-In-Class combination of people, process, and Technology.

TaaS Service Model

TaaS enables an outcome-based delivery model that is process driven and can be considered independent of infrastructure and people as the entire service is outsourced to the customer. Along with the skilled resources, tools, accelerators, and proven framework, complete project management is provided as a service that minimizes the risks and improves time-to-market. Hence customers are moving towards TaaS.

Functional testing

How are our solutions/services better than what exists in the market for a given problem(s)

Jade’s expertise and deep QA knowledge can help you transform and streamline existing QA processes and systems to drive your business objectives. Experience how a mature test process can improve product quality and lower costs due to increased process efficiency and productivity.

  • Assessment of current testing processes
  • Audit test Artifacts
  • Assess maturity level
  • Consolidation of test capabilities, assets, processes, tools, infrastructure
  • Gap analysis to identify improvement improvements
  • Develop high-level recommendations
  • Tools Strategy
  • Test Management and reporting
  • Roadmap and implementation plan
  • Comprehensive test KPIs

Functional testing

Our Capabilities

Functional testing

Business Benefits

Jade TaaS Features

  • Reduce Business Analysts Testing Time
  • Eliminate go live production errors
  • Test all business functions and processes prior to each release
  • Reduce your Implementation and Upgrade timelines with a quality product
  • Enforce compliance standards

Smart Test Lifecycle Management Platform (Xenon)

  • Ensuring business assurance through QA
  • Reduce 70% costs
  • Efficient Test Management
  • Real Time Analytics
  • Focus on Business Outcome
  • End to End visibility and superior user experience

Jade TaaS deliverables include

  • Automated Regression Test Artifacts
  • Quarterly Oracle Fusion Patch Impact analysis
  • Identification of impacted Test scripts and script updates
  • Test Execution Plan
  • Execution and bug dashboard reports
  • QA Matrices
  • SQA Signoff

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