API and Web Services Functionality, Reliability, Performance, and Security Testing

In Software testing, every system component must integrate the different application modules. Though each of the software modules is unit tested, there are critical chances for the modules to have defects, which calls for integration testing to come into place.

Significantly, system integration testing is taken up to effectively verify the various interactions between modules and also verifies the low-level and high-level software requirements as given in the software requirements specifications document.

The need for Integration testing can be understood from the points listed below:

  • When modules are developed, they have to be integrated and tested. Integration testing is a simple extension of unit testing.
  • If integration testing is taken up at early stages, bugs are identified early in the software development life cycle, which is true in both the bottom-up and the top-down approaches.
  • Integration tests identify and solve system-level issues such as a broken database schema, mistaken cache integration, etc.
  • Integration testing is capable of developing real-time use cases during end-to-end testing.
  • In integration testing, tests run swiftly when compared to end-to-end tests.

Jade is proficient in all verticals of core integration testing, including Snowflake Testing and Continuous Integration Testing.

Portfolio Overview

Integrated Testing for Custom Applications

  • Snowflake Testing Frameworks
    • Analytics
    • Tableau
    • Reports
  • Continous Integration Testing
    • AWS CodeDeploy
    • GitLab, Slash
    • Jenkins, Atlessian
    • API Testing
    • Rest
    • SOAP
    • POSTMAN, JMeter

How Jade can help and what are the USPs of our offerings as a whole

Jade offers comprehensive Integration services testing. Jade recommended approach to application development takes an integrated view of testing. By QA working in tandem with the BA and Dev teams, and tasks identified and completed early, Jade offers its customers current Sprint test automation capability, which adds tremendous value in multi-Sprint projects and programs. Here is an example of how integrated testing for any custom Application work as part of CI/CD for both Product development and QA. Quickly walk through the % without reading the boxes.

integration services

Service Offerings

Snowflake Testing Frameworks

Snowflake Testing Frameworks

Most ETL processes are complex and contain many errors. Jade helps you to transfer or migrate data to Snowflake without any delays ensuring cost optimization and data integrity.

Continous Integration Testing

Continous Integration Testing

Our development teams make small, frequent changes to code and detect problems early. Jade's CIT practice enables application development teams to release incremental code changes to production quickly and regularly.

API Testing

API Testing

Jade's API testing can analyze multiple endpoints, such as web services, databases or web user interfaces. Our response time is within an acceptable agreed-upon limit, and the API is secured against potential attacks.

Our Capabilities

Our Integration Automation Testing Framework can be easily scalable and can be plugged into the DevOps Environment. This enables our client to be future-ready with the most flexible tool agnostic approach.

Traditionally testing efforts come in late within each Sprint when building products and custom applications.

This often puts a lot of stress into the system during Sprint completion, and automation testing usually runs a Sprint behind, slowing down the CI/CD pipeline.



Our Integration Approach

How are our solutions/services better than what exists in the market for a given problem(s)

Jade Global’s Enterprise QA approach is based on getting a comprehensive view of the existing processes to identify gaps, risks, and Enterprise QA Maturity. Through Assessment Frameworks and templates based on industry best practices and standards, we assess Enterprise QA maturity and make recommendations on Test Automation Strategies, Test Process Improvements, and Implementation roadmaps.

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