About the Client

Client is a diversified business-to-business rental company that rents and sells relocatable modular buildings, storage containers and offices, electronic test equipment, and liquid and solid containment tanks and boxes. They operate through five divisions: Mobile Modular, Mobile Modular Portable Storage, TRS-RenTelco, Adler Tanks and Enviroplex.

Products & Services

Client B2B Rental services helps clients who are short on space. Through subsidiaries, the company rents and sells commercial storage and electronic equipment. Its largest subsidiary is Mobile Modular, which rents portable buildings used as classrooms, field offices, health care clinics, or rest rooms. Other subsidiaries such as TRS-RenTelco rents and sells electronic test equipment used in the aerospace, defence, communications, and manufacturing industries, while Enviroplex makes and sells modular buildings used in California public schools. Adler Tank Rentals provides containers used for storing hazardous and non-hazardous materials

Business Requirements

  • Applications Management, Technical Support (Bug Fix, SR, Enhancements, Tasks)
  • Web Technologies Like .NET, Concrete 5 and Drupal
  • Services Like BazaarVoice Implementation SEO, Azure Data Factory and Web jobs for MG360 DB.
  • .Net Websites -MMPS, MMPS Micro-Site, ATR Micro-Site, MMMC, MMMC Micro-Site
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Business Challenges

B2B Rental Company

To present the wide range of products with detailed configurations in understandable format and make Client transactions smoother.

B2B Rental Company

Periodic Transfer of Data to the centralised database: FTP to Cloud compatible Devices and databases.

B2B Rental Company

Responsiveness of the images and content of pages to support all web browsers and multiple devices

The Solution

  • Created scripts for Auto Data transfer to the Cloud compatible device, Azure Data factory and centralize database
  • UI / UX and responsive base for new page implementation making it inline and lookalike for all existing websites.
  • Web API implementation for Credit Card data verification and validation with multiple card service providers.
  • Implementation of various technologies/ functionalities with the help of third parties into client’s websites.

The Benefits

  • Clients customers/partners can have 3D view of the buildings where they can also edit and add accessories change the buildings layouts and other feature as per their requirements on website, which helps Client to understand their requirements precisely and provide quicker and better services to the customers.
  • Adler Tank Rentals, Mobile Modular, Mobile Modular Containers and TRS-RenTelco provide ratings and review functionality making it more trustworthy for Client customers and helps them to improve the products quality and services.
  • Lead attribution, Client can track the source of every lead which helps them to understand key sources and develop various strategies to expand business.

"Not only does the team respond quickly to issues and enhancements, but they are thorough at delivering results. I love my relationship with Jade. Not only are they responsive when I need them most, but they are also amazing partners."

Senior Digital Marketing Manager

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