Jade Global provides mission-critical, highly responsive support and admin services to meet the challenges of growing businesses; thereby, preventing system outages and enhancing the value derived from their systems.

Industry: Semiconductors

About the Client

The company is based out of Delaware and was founded in 1995. The organization has acquired multiple companies, thus, expanding its range of products and services. The company's products and services are Data Processing Units, Infrastructure Processors, Security Solutions, Networking, and Storage, etc.

Business Benefits

Jade’s Managed Services engagement and advisory provided a cost-effective solution with business alignment, a standardized and global delivery model, and value-added support with automation at the core.

The client significantly reduced the application outages by deploying automation-based pre-emptive monitoring of application transactions across all domains, proactive issue detection, and issue resolution/workaround steps to facilitate continued operations.

They accelerated innovation and simplified problem management by implementing a standard framework and auto ticket creation rules. Overall, this significantly reduced outage duration, lowered support spending, and facilitated the adoption of technological innovations for better month-end close support by Jade’s team.

  • Reduction in outages as a result of backend assessment and implementation of quick wins
  • Consolidated support and enhancements, with increased bandwidth quarter on quarter to drive more enhancements
  • Streamlined framework for continuous improvement with a tracible metric for improvements provided to business

Business Requirements

The client had various requirements and needed global support for different business processes; Quote to Cash, Procure to Pay, Record to Report, and Design to Build are one of the diverse services.

Other Requirements Included:

  • Global Support
  • Technology: Oracle ERP, BI & Analytics, Salesforce, Agile PLM, Model N, ServiceNow
  • Business Process: Quote-to-Cash, Procure-to-Pay, Record-to-Report, Design-to-Build
  • Backend Systems Performance Assessment and Advisory
  • Analytics Assessment and roadmap
  • M&A Support for Inphi Merger
  • 30+ Enterprise Apps Managed Service
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Solution & Approach


  • Deployed a Global Team of support Analysts, Technical, and Functional SMEs
  • Completed smooth and hassle-free transition using a completely remote team during COVID
  • Setup operations processes to drive continuous improvements

Focus & Execution

  • “As-is” process assessment and improvements in the first quarter to improve critical support KPIs such as MTTR and Mean Backlog age
  • Automation solution for improving ongoing critical issues in backend systems
  • Enabling self-service reporting capabilities in multiple business areas
  • Advisory to improve overall architecture for business systems

Managed Services

  • 95% of ongoing support transitioned to Jade’s Managed Services team within the first quarter of operation
  • Implemented suggestions from backend system assessment for some of the quick wins during the transition itself
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