Industry: e-learning

About the Client:

The Client is a global leader in online education. The headquarters of the company are in San Francisco, US, with hubs in Denver, US; Dublin, Ireland; Ankara, Turkey; Sao Paulo, Brazil; and Gurugram, India. The company’s employees have built a platform on which millions of students, and instructors teach courses in over 75 languages. The company fosters a collaborative environment where people can enhance their professional skill sets while being surrounded by motivated, passionate, and positive colleagues. As an educational company, the Client has a rich learning culture with top-notch training sessions, unlimited access to its resources, and company-wide instructional initiatives.

Business Requirements

The client relied upon Workday for their business operations. Certain Workday integrations were imperative to carry out all these operations smoothly, that were missing from the current landscape. This meant that customer's workflow would get affected leading to a host of delays and complications in their business processes.

What the client needed foremostly was to update its Workday configurations and develop new integrations to facilitate a user-friendly and smooth workflow process. They sought a way to continually perform enhancements to implement new changes and improve the existing functionality.

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Business Challenges


Managing mass compensation changes, Period Schedule, Updating employee dependent information.


Transforming the report output according to the third-party requirement


The absence of the benefit functionality

The Solution

  • Leveraging Enterprise Interface Builder to manage mass compensation changes, Period Schedule, Updating employee dependent information
  • Transforming the report output according to the third-party requirement with the help of Integration
  • Configuration of the benefit functionality

Business Benefits

Jade Global’s solution for the client involved the modification of reports based on business requirements and notification for a smooth flow of data. These solutions benefited the e-learning leader by providing a seamless, easy to use interface for updating their employee information, performance metrics, etc.

Jade Global delivered a cost-effective solution that helped eliminate manual intervention, decreased processing time and errors, and enabled timely information sharing for each employee.

Jade Global is continually engaged with optimizing processes, having so far worked on around 200 Tickets. The benefits have been exponential.