Overview: Jade Global provides services to support Automobile leader’s finance ecosystem applications and all enhancements

Industry: Autonomous Vehicles

About the Client

The Client is an American autonomous vehicle company founded in March 2020 as a joint venture between automaker Hyundai Motor Group and auto supplier Aptiv. Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, Motional also maintains operations in Pittsburgh, Singapore, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. Motional began testing its newest generation of vehicles in Las Vegas, Nevada, in February 2021, and also operates vehicles in Pittsburgh and Santa Monica, California

Products & Services

  • Production Support
  • Application Development

Business Requirements

Jade Global provided services to support Client’s Finance ecosystem Applications as well as any enhancements needed.

Jade Global proposed a cost-effective solution for the Client to provide these services in an SLA-driven business application support environment for Level 1 and 2 Support.

The services included but were not limited to Managed Services, Technical Support and Consultation to support the Finance department’s operation. The Finance department was primarily using a NetSuite as its ERP application. The services were provided as per the terms of the SLA between the Client, and Jade Global.

Troubleshooting of any tier1 or 2 tickets from users in the finance department were handled by Jade Global. The tickets were logged and prioritized based on the severity of the issues. Level 1 tickets were usually attended to during normal business hours.

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Business Challenges


PBCS- Unavailability of error handing in the code which is delaying the issue resolution.


There was no mechanism in PBCS to correct erroneously entered employee data


NetSuite Coupa – Unstable NetSuite Coupa integration leading to a lot of user issues

The Solution

Proposed PBCS enhancements to resolve the challenges:

Jade Global solution consisted of improving PBCS performance and adding error handling capability along with logging which would identify the root cause of the issue to expedite the issue resolution process.

Jade Global enhanced integration between Ceridian and PBCS to synchronize employee data between two systems. This will help any future HR addition or change in employee information like address, phone number, etc… will be reflected automatically in the Ceridian system without manual intervention.

  • Identified the typical forms which contribute to the issues
  • Added Error handling and logging in code which will pinpoint root cause to expedite issue resolution
  • Enhanced PBCS to facilitate negative headcount adjustment.
  • Enhancement integration between Ceridian and PBCS to synchronize employee data between two systems

The Business Benefits:

The automobile innovator utilized Jade Global’s Managed Services knowledge and experience and NetSuite powerhouse capabilities as well as Jade’s development team to create a solution that will eliminate labor hours and improve efficiency.

  • Development project: Added Error handling and logging to PBCS scripts, has eliminated 8hrs. per month
  • Development project: Procedure to enter negative headcount into the new hire form enhancement has eliminated 4hrs. per month
  • Employee mismatch between Ceridian system and PBCS system enhancement has eliminated 4hrs. per month
  • Code fix to redirect to global URL from generic URL is an enhancement which has reduced 8hrs. per month
  • Eliminated ~4 to 5 tickets that were addressed on NetSuite Coupa integrations
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