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The High-Tech industry is leading businesses across the world into transformation and growth. However, as business models change, underlying IT applications need to adapt quickly to the new normal. As a result, High-tech businesses must provide their clients with the agility to embrace this change. Jade Global has successfully helped 150+ High-tech businesses assist their customers in embracing challenges and driving digital transformation leadership. We provide a strategic roadmap and implementation services through our in-depth technology knowledge, accelerators, reference architectures, and proven methodology to offer accelerated positive impacts for your organization.



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High-Tech Industry - 4 Segments Focus

Network Device Manufacturers

Network Device providers are companies that sell products and services to communication service providers such as fixed or mobile operators and enterprise customers.
Core Business Model – B2B Customers for product sales, with service contracts and subscriptions

Software and Social Media​

Social Media companies facilitate the creation or sharing of information, ideas, career interests, and other forms of expression via virtual communities and networks.
 Core Business Model – Advertisement, Data Licensing, Subscription

Software companies also referred to as independent software vendor (ISV), also known as a software publisher, is an organization specializing in making and selling software
Core Business Model – eCommerce, Subscription​


Semiconductor companies are an aggregate collection of companies engaged in the design and fabrication of semiconductors.
Core Business Model: B2B, Pureplay Foundries or Fabless Suppliers


Jade’s latest solutions, success stories, and visions for the future. Explore our insights to discover trends, capabilities, and industry approaches that will transform your business and deliver a fresh perspective.

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250+ companies use Jade for growth

we bring our unique blend of capabilities, experience, wisdom and drive to power a range of high-tech companies worldwide, who have successfully adopted our transformational approach to gain advantage and ripple affects across business processes.


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High-Tech Industry Services

Advisory and Process Consulting

Agility plays a key role in the High-Tech industry today. Quick product innovation & short market cycles are integral to survive in this highly competitive market.

Business Processes Implementation

The High-Tech Industry is marked with extreme competition, continuous upgrading of products and strict adherence to compliance norms.

Packaged Application Implementations​

Cutting edge technology lies at the core of the High-Tech industry. Businesses that continually

Why Jade Choose

Why Choose Jade?

  • Accelerated Digital Transformation using Reference Solution Architectures
  • Purpose Built Solutions
  • Deep Expertise in Leading ISVs typically used in High-Tech (Oracle, Salesforce, Zuora, Apttus)
  • Thought Leadership and Focused Industry Practice
  • State-of-the-Art-Integration Solutions
  • Reduced TCO

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Industry Solutions

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Technology Solutions​

Jade’s latest solutions, success stories, and visions for the future. Explore our insights to discover trends, capabilities, and industry approaches that will transform your business and deliver a fresh perspective.

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Fab-a-Lot An Automated Lot Manufacturing Solution by Jade Global
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client love

Some Client Love

"Thank you for your tremendous effort bringing our AMEA live on Oracle (Phase 1 & 2)! This will enable us to start maintaining our financial accounts in a sound system which will serve as the foundation for expansion in the future. It also will greatly help us maintain compliance with the SOX requirements now imposed on us. Thank you and I look forward to seeing Phase 3 in the future."
-CFO, Guardant Health
"We needed thought leaders who share creative ideas and tell us where we are going wrong. Jade is no longer an external entity; they are an internal partner. They are as good as Lattice."
-Lattice's CIO

Case Study

case studies

Transformation with Oracle Fusion Cloud, Aligned to Manufacturing Cloud Business

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Building a self-service portal engagement for one of the largest car makers in the world

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Oracle Cloud Financial, SCM and Technical Support for Healthcare Company

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