About the Client

Inphi Corporation is a US-based company that produces 10G-800G high-speed analog and mixed-signal semiconductor components and optical subsystems for networking original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), optical module, cloud, and telecom service providers.

Business Requirements and Challenges

Inphi Corporation built an internal system RT for handling IT and other tickets. But with the ever-expanding business and requirements, their system had its limitations and could not meet all the needs. Hence, the organization decided to implement ServiceNow to meet all their complex requirements following ITIL standards and best practices.

Products & Services

Inphi develops linear trans-impedance amplifiers, modulator drivers, optical, physical layer devices, coherent DSPs, and silicon photonics-based subsystems for long haul, metro, and data center applications.

Inphi products include optical and networking physical layer solutions for cloud and telecom markets. Typical applications for its products include long haul and metro, inside and between data center interconnects, 5G, access, and cable

The Solution

This pre-configured package includes the following which would meet Inphi requirements and challenges:

  • A simple and intuitive self-service portal with all the essential features
  • A simple form for users asking only issue details, and the rest of the information is auto-filled
  • Easy Service catalog comprising a list of most commonly used hardware and software
  • Priority matrix which auto-calculates the priority of an incident based on impact and urgency selected on the form
  • Contextual search and metadata shows relevant KB articles for users while reporting an issue
  • Preconfigured list of most used categories/subcategories for incidents and general request
  • Auto-assignment rules based on category/subcategory which routes tickets to required queues
  • Incident SLA’s based on priority and department

The Benefits

  • Quick and rapid ITSM Implementation with a cheaper cost
  • Implementation follows best practices and standards
  • Improved user experience and satisfaction
  • Robust and scalable solution for future expansion
  • Less manual work for agents and more automation within the system
  • Processing time to fulfill any request has reduced by 20%

"We were looking for a partner, but what we got was a colleague. Jade Global experts worked to migrate from an existing tool (RT) to an initial ServiceNow implementation that would allow for future expansion to other groups. A single system of action allows users to track cases and search for knowledge, all within the Employees Service Center. The Go-Live was a success, and we are satisfied with the new ITSM (Helpdesk) solution. Great Job, Jade Global."

- Gopi Vemula, IT, Director of Enterprise Applications

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