About the Client

The client is an American company, headquartered in Santa Clara, California, which develops and produces semiconductors and related technology. The company had more than 6,000 employees, and 10,000 patents worldwide.

The Client’s Snowflake Environment

With growing business needs and system implementations, Snowflake has been the client’s go-to solution to consolidate and report critical business information, as its scalability is widely recognized as one of the best among all data warehouse providers. However, their business requirements had grown with each new implementation leading to challenges to meet the demands.

The client has been working with Snowflake as their data warehouse, with mainly three implementation environments, that translates into three different Snowflake accounts; Non-prod that acts a development environment, Pre-prod which is for UAT, and the Production environment for business users.

Snowflake being a SaaS application has credits associated with the usage. These credits are nothing but the amount the client owes to Snowflake every time the service is used.

The Challenges this Segmented View Presented:

  • It made it impossible for the company to undertake comparative analysis of all the three accounts usage, creating environmental siloes.
  • Absence of a unified view meant zero visibility and insight into which environment was incurring more cost or which was more optimised, and where the credits were being consumed.

Jade Global’s Solution: Using Power BI to Check Credit Consumption

How it works: Power BI at Play

They leveraged Power BI, a cloud-based business intelligence tool to do this job. “We integrated this into their Production environment, and Power BI only had to connect to that environment, allowing them to have a single unified view”, said Chetan Gangwal, Enterprise Cloud Apps – Snowflake, at Jade Global

Jade Global’s team of Snowflake’s solution architects and Power BI experts gathered informational data from these three different environments, read this data from all the Snowflake accounts and brought it in a single setting- with clear categorizations assigning the Non-prod, Pre-prod, and Production environment labels for each


  • It provides a bird’s eye view of their data pipeline, along with insights if an action on the data needs to be made
  • The company can now see the whole data from all the Snowflake accounts from one single view.
  • After implementing the consumption metrics solution, the client was able to reduce the overall consumption of Snowflake credits by 30-40%