The client, a Semicon company, approached Jade to enhance their manufacturing data insights through a successful data migration to Snowflake from their existing SAP HANA analytical platform. By addressing the client's business requirements, Jade simplified data retrieval, reduced infrastructure costs, and improved data integrity. The solution offered included replicating data from SAP CRM to Snowflake, creating independent warehouses, and leveraging Snowflake's native features for efficient workload management. The outcome was empowered manufacturing data insights, elimination of downtime, near real-time data availability, and simplified reporting for an enhanced user experience.

About the Client

The Client is an American Multinational Semicon company that provides leading-edge technology and devices using advanced inspection tools, metrology systems, and computational analytics.

It extensively used SAP CRM to maintain all its order management data. The replication logic provided by SAP was used to build SAP Hana to Snowflake Migration Models. The HANA models were complex and interdependent, making the business logic of customer purchases and their lifecycle very complex. The client’s business team extensively used these HANA models to envision the company’s growth and forecast.

Highlights of Solution Offered by Jade

The Client opted to migrate their existing SAP HANA analytical platform to Snowflake to improve their manufacturing insights, and Jade facilitated the migration in the following ways

  • Replicated Data from SAP CRM in Snowflake using Informatica Cloud, aka IICS, as the replication tool
  • Loaded data from the staging to the consumption layer of Snowflake’s native feature of Stored Procedures, Tasks, and Streams. Each stored procedure was analogous to a HANA model
  • Created various warehouses on Snowflake to manage the workload effectively.
  • Snowflake native features of tasks were used to set dependency between these procedures and execute the
  • Materialized views were built in the consumption layer of Snowflake. These views were used for reporting views. Powerful visualizations were built on these views with Power BI

Business Requirements

The client sought improvements in streamlining their enterprise data retrieval, along with ensured data integrity and enhanced report previews.

  • Simplify Data Retrieval
    • The hierarchical structure of HANA models provided large data volumes, but retrieving reports from the same was time-consuming.
    • Business users were facing difficulties in accessing reports beyond the topmost layer and had limited ability to extract reports from sub-models.
  • Reduce Infrastructure and Maintenance Costs
    • Evaluate cost-effective alternatives to SAP HANA, such as cloud-based solutions or outsourcing infrastructure management.
    • Optimize system upgrade processes to minimize downtime and associated costs.
  • Address Expensive License Renewal
    • Conduct a cost analysis of HANA license renewal and explore other database options to reduce renewal costs.
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