About the Client

Ask is leading Q&A brand responsible for answering billions of user questions over the last 20 years. Consumers can access client browser as a browser plugin, which delivers fresh and relevant content on desktop. Here client has strong web search engine which retrieves the information from where it is originated.

Business Challenges

  • EDW System availability: Most of the time EDW environment (PADB database) is down due to Infrastructure related failures. This was impacting daily data refresh load thus preventing business users to view their reports and dashboards for key decisions.
  • Performance Issue: Since the response time from the system is poor, business users are spending more time in running their reports / dashboards thus impacting productivity of the employees
  • Return on Investment: Return on investment (ROI) was also poor since overall EDW support costs were higher. Also support from the product vendor was also not up to the desired level.

Business Requirements

  • Build scalable and flexible Enterprise Data Warehouse ( EDW)
  • Stable environment to enable enterprise reporting platform
  • Enablement of Portfolio reports
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The Solution

  • Migrated to Snowflake
  • Load and update data in near real time by replacing legacy data warehouse + Hadoop cluster with Snowflake
  • Build unified framework to monitor the performance of Daily Data loads and Reports / Dashboards
  • Conduct an end-to-end systems including upstream and downstream applications of EDW
  • Upgrade Tableau to 9.2 to be compatible with Snowflake
  • Developed portfolio reports in Tableau

The Benefits

  • Since Snowflake is cloud based EDW, Zero maintenance cost on both hardware and software
  • Implement Data and Object level Security
  • Improved performance and no downtime for business users.
  • Unified framework for data load
  • Enablement of Portfolio reports for business users on Tableau

Jade Consulting has been a great help to IAC Publishing Labs as we migrated our data warehouse to Snowflake in the cloud. They continue to support us operationally. We trust that anything we throw at them can be done by the morning, effectively halving our turnaround time to business.