This case study examines how WelbeHealth, in partnership with Jade Global, a ServiceNow Elite Partner, implemented ServiceNow to transform its IT operations. The initiative transformed IT service management, embraced automation, and enhanced service delivery to support WelbeHealth's mission of improving the health and well-being of its clients. The project focused on various departments, including IT, Health Plan Services, and HR, aiming to improve inventory management, enhance response times, and manage medical assets efficiently, which resulted in a 25% reduction in incident response times and improved 80% accuracy of data assets.

Industry: Healthcare

About the Client

WelbeHealth, a mission-driven, value-based healthcare provider in California, offers comprehensive care for the elderly under the PACE program. WelbeHealth coordinates a broad spectrum of health and social services, dedicating its efforts to enhancing the lives of seniors by helping them enjoy more connected, vibrant, and meaningful lives.

Business Requirements and Challenges:

WelbeHealth faced significant challenges in managing its IT operations, including:

  • Integration and Management of Expensive IT and Medical Devices: Ensuring seamless integration and management of IT systems and medical devices across multiple locations
  • Adherence to Compliance and Privacy Standards: Meeting strict healthcare regulations and privacy standards, including HIPAA
  • Enhanced Service Delivery and Asset Management: Improving response times and efficiency in service delivery and asset management to support rapid organizational growth and complex care delivery

The Solution

Jade Global implemented ServiceNow to address these challenges with several strategic solutions:

  • Transformed IT Operations and Medical Device Management: ServiceNow was rolled out to integrate and manage both IT operations and medical device assets effectively
  • Robust Change Management and Training: Organisational change management was prioritised, and extensive training programs ensured high adoption rates across departments
  • Compliance and Privacy Management: ServiceNow's compliance with healthcare standards significantly eased the management of privacy and compliance concerns