About the Client

Jade Global developed a comprehensive solution, sharing its capabilities in test automation, application development, and maintenance in response to the RFP. Jade Global’s commitment, dedicated team, access to leadership and international reach positioned them as the best fit strategic partner the customer was looking for. However, the key to successfully navigating and winning the evaluation process was in demonstrating Jade Global’s capabilities to perform remote Infrastructure Management and Help Desk services, in addition to ADM support.

The Solution

  • Application services, both application support and application development
  • Infrastructure services, support of the network, servers and storage infrastructure
  • 24/7 Help Desk, replacing existing tier 1 provider
  • Shortly after completing the test automation project, Jade Global implemented interfaces for the new Cloud-based E2Open, a system for managing codes for sales teams

Business Requirements

In August 2018, the customer posted a closed RFP to three vendors, including Jade Global, for test automation services. The customer was evaluating a test automation solution to reduce the time to complete regression testing and improve time for adoption of changes in its application portfolio.

The two vendors which Jade Global was competing against had preexisting relationships with the customer. The vendors were performing integration, testing, cloud and consulting services, business solutions and IT outsourcing under a shared services model. However, this model led to a variety of IT and management challenges (see below).

The evaluation process for a new vendor followed a structured outsourcing model; RFP, multiple yellow pad sessions, negotiation, and finally an onsite visit in India to evaluate Jade Global’s test automation tools, people, and capabilities first-hand. The customer requested an Application Development and Maintenance (ADM) and Application Management Services (AMS) solution to address its application development needs, however the ideal partner would have the capability to support the entire application and infrastructure portfolio.

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Business Challenges

Cost of ownership

Current service providers worked under a shared services model which led to poor outcomes, delays in decision making, and service quality issues

Cost of ownership

Concerns about not receiving proper resources and adequate attention

Cost of ownership

Looking for a new IT services partner to replace existing tier 1 vendors due to the following challenges:

We need thought leaders who share creative ideas and tell us where we are going wrong. Jade Global is more than an external entity, they are an internal partner.

- Customer CIO