Client - Risk Management Solutions (RMS)

Industry - Computer Software

About the Client

RMS is the world’s leading catastrophe risk modeling company. RMS software helps insurers, financial institutions, corporations and public agencies evaluate, understand, quantify and manage risk. The company is headquartered in Newark, California and was founded in 1988.

Business Challenges

  • Global teams
  • RMS had one way email integration between SFDC and ServiceNow that pulled in all relevant data in the description field instead of mapping it with appropriate fields
  • RMS wanted to build a two way integration that will support mappings and real time sync. Their existing mapping included data sync only as comments.

Business Requirements

RMS was looking to improve its current SFDC - ServiceNow case resolution and escalation process. The company wanted to implement a seamless bi-directional integration that would improve the data exchange between its Salesforce and Cloud Services teams.

RMS met with Jade Global to learn more about the JadeConnect integration solution for ServiceNow and how it could establish a two-way connection between ServiceNow and Salesforce account and case data.

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Solution – JadeConnect Integration

Jade Global's JadeConnect solution is a portfolio of prebuilt integrations around ServiceNow to connect other enterprise applications and enable free flow of data between them. Using JadeConnect, Jade Global established a connection between RMS's ServiceNow and Salesforce applications.

The connection automated RMS transactions to reduce manual work required by support teams. In addition, the integration updated ServiceNow workflows for improved communications between Enterprise Applications and the Cloud Services team. End users were given the ability to view details of Salesforce Cases from within a ServiceNow request.

The connection between ServiceNow and Salesforce also improved speed of ticket resolutions, which shortened turnaround time for ticket resolutions from the response teams. Interactions between Enterprise Applications and Cloud Services teams were now facilitated through comments in tickets.

Following the integration project, the RMS management and response teams had more free time to focus on strategic initiatives. The mapping of fields provided more accurate data to the Cloud Services teams. End-users were able to continue working in the platform they are most comfortable in and were not required to switch to a new platform


  • Mapping of fields provided accurate data to the cloud services team
  • Interactions between Enterprise apps and cloud services teams were facilitated through comments in the tickets.
  • Allows end users to continue working in platforms they are comfortable in, without requiring them to switch to a new platform
  • Robust error handling

I’d like to thank Jade Global for the level of commitment and successful completion within budget and for delivering on time, quality work. This project involved multiple stakeholders with different processes. The integration was to connect the teams with different processes, and Jade did excellent work in ensuring requirements were met with minimal time commitment from the business.

-Project Manager,
Risk Management Solutions (RMS)