Industry: RETAIL

About the Client

The client is an American discount supermarket retail chain based in St. Ann, Missouri, within the Greater St. Louis area. It operates with approximately 900 stores, each independently owned and operated. These stores are spread across 32 states in the United States, boasting an impressive annual sales figure exceeding $4 billion.

Solutions Offered by Jade Global

  • Refined end-to-end QA processes, reducing QA turnaround time, and implemented automated end-to-end regression testing with an early defect identification approach.
  • Deployed Jenkins CI/CD for scheduled weekend test execution, optimizing testing efficiency.
  • Executed well-documented test artifacts, including test cases, execution results, and logs.
  • Leveraged domain expertise to enhance collaboration among the Design, Development and QA team throughout the project lifecycle.

Business Requirements

The Retail Giant was utilizing the Oracle Fusion ERP system and had several complex testing use cases. Their testing scenarios were time-consuming and involved numerous clicks and navigation across multiple screens. For example, testing the Requisition to Pay process required over 100 clicks and data entries on more than 12 screens, consuming more than an hour to complete just one test scenario. To overcome these challenges, the client approached Jade Global with the following requirements:

  • Regression Test Pack:

    To ensure system stability, a regression test pack was needed to test all changes and enhancements.

  • Test Automation:

    The ability to automate the regression tests for efficient testing during the release cycles.

  • Cover Complex Use Cases:

    Testing must cover complex, interdependent use cases and approval hierarchies.

  • Testing Across Environments:

    Testing should be possible in multiple environments, such as UAT and SIT.

  • Reduce Manual Efforts:

    Streamline testing of centralized team scenarios, reducing manual effort and time spent per test scenario.

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Business Challenges

  • Frequent Testing for Ongoing Changes:

    Frequent ERP updates, including releases, patches, upgrades, and quick issue fixes, demanded continuous regression testing to validate critical business processes in lower Proof of Delivery (PODs) prior to implementing changes in Production.

  • POD Refresh Complexity:

    Smoke testing after lower POD refreshes from the Production environment added complexity, ensuring the preservation of critical functionalities.

  • Resource Allocation Challenge:

    Allocating dedicated resources to cover extensive testing scenarios and safeguard key business processes posed a significant challenge.

The Business Benefits Delivered by Jade Global

Jade Global's solutions delivered remarkable improvements in testing efficiency within the client's ERP environment, resulting in a host of tangible benefits.

  • Efficient Testing with Jenkins CI/CD:

    Streamlined testing, saving time and minimizing errors in production and UAT environments.

  • Easy Report Navigation:

    Provided ease in hovering through reports along with the inventory of well-documented test artifacts (test cases, execution results, execution logs, etc.)

  • Enhanced Test Coverage:

    Consistently delivered >90% test coverage, aligning with project stakeholders.

  • Improved Time Efficiency:

    Save 75% of testing time using automated reusable test scripts for complex flows and all test iterations.

  • Optimized Efficiency:

    Boasted up to 80% efficiency by modifying and merging automated test suites and executing it in one go.

  • Transparency with KPIs:

    Provided >90% transparency on project progress and performance with KPIs around Defects, Test coverage, and Test effectiveness