Xenon Salesforce Automation -Case Study

About the client:

LiveRamp, formerly known as Acxiom Corporation, is a San Francisco, California-based SaaS company that connects people, devices, and data across the physical and digital worlds, enabling organizations to leverage the power of data and identity solutions to deliver innovative products and create exceptional experiences.

Business Requirements:

LiveRamp uses Salesforce as its CRM. As part of the business growth, it needed to make frequent enhancements and configuration changes. In the absence of a regression pack, only progression testing and sanity testing was being carried out.

LiveRamp wanted a regression test pack and the ability to auto-run it as part of the release cycle. Multiple environments and test cycles involved tedious execution processes and frequent deployments with extensive manual processes and complex data sets.

Additionally, LiveRamp had complex and dependent use cases along with Testing of Approval hierarchies. Test execution on multiple environments like UAT & PROD resulted in the time required for the testing.

Know how Xenon's detailed and well-defined QA processes led to less QA turnaround time to test the system with end-to-end regression test support with a shift-left approach to identify defects at an early stage.

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