Learn Everything About Salesforce Health Cloud Implementation

32% of Healthcare Organizations are looking for better CRM solutions to streamline processes and enhance the patient's journey.

When it comes to healthcare, accuracy is key. Salesforce has engineered a solution that empowers healthcare organizations with access to the right information at an instant. Salesforce Health Cloud gives you access to the information you and your patients need for you to improve care, enhance patient experience and achieve better outcomes.

salesforce health cloud implementation

This comprehensive solution aims to assist healthcare companies and practitioners in improving patient records management, appointment scheduling, electronic billing, and much more Salesforce is taking the healthcare industry by storm with its cloud-based solutions and streamlined approach.

The opportunities for Salesforce and its partners, like Jade Global, to extract the power of Health Cloud are endless. The ability to design a complete system around much-needed solutions opens avenues that were not available before, as no one player in the industry has been able to provide a holistic cloud-based solution.

What is Salesforce Health Cloud

Health Cloud (salesforce health cloud implementation) supplies a variety of use cases where the platform can be applied successfully. Health Cloud assists in improving data exchanges and visibility for all parties involved. Contact centers can access data within an EMR, which allows a customer service representative to attend to a patient with the best tools available.

Its licenses are an add-on to Salesforce Service Cloud capabilities. Health Cloud implementations supply standard Service Cloud capabilities such as Omnichannel, Knowledge, and Live Agent to an industry where EMR capabilities have long been the core focus for enhancements.

Why do You Need Health Cloud?

Businesses are increasingly looking for ways to improve the patient experience and health outcomes, while reducing costs. Health Cloud is a mobile-first platform that helps them deliver the right care—at the right time—to the right person in an easy, connected way.

Salesforce Health Cloud offers a comprehensive set of capabilities that include:

1. Patient Engagement:

The platform facilitates a rich patient experience with secure, connected and intelligent health apps. It also gives patients instant access to their complete health record from any mobile device.

It helps you to build an ecosystem that is reliable and safe for both patients and healthcare professionals. It supports your efforts to transform the delivery of care by providing you with tools for creating personalized experiences for patients, along with technologies that allow customers to connect with one another in real-time.

Salesforce Health Cloud allows you to create a seamless experience for patients and healthcare professionals. It enables you to deliver targeted care through personalized communication, which ensures that employees are able to personalize their services to specific areas of concern.

2. Health Data Exchange:

Salesforce Health Cloud connects physicians, hospitals, and clinics with EMRs and other existing data sources using APIs and data integration tools. This allows healthcare providers to access real-time information about patients via a single platform, even if they are not employees of the same provider network. This capability is a key component in supporting clinical interoperability around the country. It also offers a variety of apps that help them with things like tracking patient health, managing appointments, and communicating with patients.

Salesforce Health Cloud uses information from a million sources to give customers a 360-degree view of every patient. And it provides complete access to every piece of information -- no more switching between systems to pull up what you need.

3. Patient and Clinical Data Security:

The platform's ultimate goal is to support any client and any device, providing a broad range of data security and business continuity while sharing patient information which aids in EHR, clinical decision making, historical patient data, insurance, conditions, and medications.

Data security is critical for the success of the platform. The Salesforce has invested heavily in infrastructure to ensure that health data can be transmitted safely and securely between hospitals, physicians' offices, retail pharmacies, and patients. An additional layer of security is provided through third-party audits such as HIPAA compliance.

4. Empowering Business Users to Deliver Better Care Experiences:

Health Cloud empowers business users to do more with. It combines big data and analytics with powerful business applications that are easy to build, giving healthcare organizations the power to improve the quality of patient care while lowering costs.

It is helping companies provide superior customer experiences through self-serve technology that allows employees to create apps without writing code.

Businesses can leverage this same technology in healthcare to build solutions quickly and efficiently for patients and members. This approach allows organizations to make incremental improvements in operational efficiency and clinical outcomes, driving revenue and market share. And it also empowers employees to play a greater role in providing superior experience for patients -whether they are working behind the scenes or interacting directly with consumers.

5. Stronger Collaboration between Care Teams and Patients:

Care Teams serving Salesforce Health Cloud patients will experience a smarter, more personalized, and ubiquitous service across multiple channels. With better visibility into patient case-specific information, Care Teams can connect and collaborate on patient care to secure a higher level of trust and engagement with their patients.

Salesforce Health Cloud offers an integrated platform that helps care teams access accurate, up-to-date information instantly from anywhere. Care teams can update patient records from any device and securely share information with anyone involved in their patient's care. They can also receive proactive alerts about changes in medication or test results directly from the system that are automatically delivered via text message or email to their mobile devices.

Why Jade Global as your Health Cloud Implementation Partner:

Jade Global is the leading Salesforce Health Cloud Implementation Partner. Whether you are a Hospital, Clinic, or Pharma Company Jade Global (salesforce health cloud consultant) can help you improve patient experience and quality of healthcare. Salesforce Health Cloud solutions enable you to centralize data, streamline workflows, and improve knowledge sharing.

We have deep expertise in developing solutions for healthcare that efficiently manage patient data and workflow across the continuum of care from Pre-Registration to Home Care. Our Patient Engagement solutions powered by Salesforce Health Cloud are designed to improve Patient experience and quality of healthcare across your healthcare facilities.

Benefits of Partnering with Us:

Comprehensive View of the Patient:
Gain quick access to patient profiles, care team networks, care plans, and health timelines, including clinical data and patient interactions.

Intelligent Care Collaboration:
Allow care teams and providers to focus on the patients and tasks that need the most attention.

Personalized End-to-End Experience:
Create a secure patient community and connect the entire care team on the web or mobile. Engage with patients during their health journey with a user-friendly platform and easy onboarding.

Empower the Healthcare Team:
Connect with patients through multiple channels, Access EHR data, treatment plans, patient preferences.

Data Management and Security:
Enables EHR data integration and data security using the Shield encryption platform.

Salesforce Health Cloud is Compliant
with the most widely used Health and data regulations like HIPPA, HL7 and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Data Governance mechanism and processes to support the high-quality data.

Boosted the Momentum of Healthcare via Care plan:
Care Plans are easily accessible on the patient screen and customized to include specific problems, goals, or supply steps for the Patient.


Health Cloud is a social/human centered cloud platform and a perfect fit when your life sciences organization needs to manage technology stack mismatch and complex data storage needs. It gives your organization the power to become data-driven, while empowering your users with flexible and real-time experiences. With Jade Global you can now easily deploy and manage Salesforce Health Cloud solutions.

Jade Global (salesforce health cloud consultant) As a technology partner is committed to extending Salesforce Health Cloud’s core capabilities to bring transformative innovation and real-time advanced analytics to the healthcare industry.

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