Revolutionizing Patient Care in Medtech with Salesforce Health Cloud

Imagine delivering healthcare experiences where every patient is at the center of their health journey, empowered with information and involved in decision-making. Picture a world where your…

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By Mitali Sharma

Benefits of Salesforce Health Cloud for Med Care Industry

The global medical devices market size was valued at USD 512.29 billion in 2022. The market is projected to grow from USD 536.12 billion in 2023 to USD 799.…

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By Sandhya Chittulla

How Salesforce Net Zero Cloud Help You Achieve Sustainability Goals Faster?

Combating carbon emissions is no longer just for CSR; rather critical for long-term corporate viability. First track your sustainability goals with the leading…

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By Jack Hasty

Jade’s ‘Know Your Customer / Business’ (KYC/KYB) Refresh Service Offering for FSI Customers!

Enhancing Customer Experience With Salesforce Financial Services Cloud For Insurance In this world of digitization, companies across multiple industries are looking for solutions to…

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By Ankur Birla

Is It The Right Time To Become a Net Zero Company?

How should I start tracking my emissions, and which ones? Can a Digital Transformation product help accelerate my Net Zero journey? These are…

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By Sunny Alung

How to Leverage Salesforce Einstein Analytics and SAQL with LWC for Better Results

Salesforce Einstein Analytics is a bunch of intelligent tools that helps organizations gain insights from data and make better decisions. Salesforce Einstein Analytics provides…

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By Akash Biswas

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