Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Cloud services are enabling digital enterprises to transform the business by triggering innovation, imparting flexibility and increasing productivity. At the same time, it pushes the enterprise to be future ready.  There are many cloud offerings in the market and it is often hard to identify the best offering that will impart flexibility and improve productivity in your organization.  Jade Global offers customized cloud services tailored to meet your needs. Through our integrated cloud services, you can leverage the growth and increase the business value by helping your sales team to procure and follow your customers’ data and requirement to drive qualitative customer meetings.
Our Oracle cloud applications services offer you new set of standards and agile methodology in the cloud technology. We have over a decade of experience to implement and upgrade the leading applications for all business areas from lead management to the final sale. Jade Global’s large pool of certified trainers and consultants empower you with their unmatched and best cloud service expertise.  Through our comprehensive cloud services, you can reduce the upfront investment and lower the cost. Our SMEs in Financials, Procurement, HCM and SCM will give you timely delivery of cloud services with unmatched quality. Jade Global Cloud services include:


Guiding customers through the sales cycle and closing the deal is as much an art as a science. Great sales people want to spend their time with the buyers and less time with recording and reporting the progress. Sales managers, on the other hand, want a system that will show them the sales person’s progress and provide consolidated data for management reporting. To address these two polar opposite needs, the sales applications need to be intuitive to use, take little time to update and yet capture the key information to keep management informed. Jade Global’s partnerships with Oracle, Salesforce and Microsoft, have helped many sales teams align the people, process and applications to create synergistic and high performance results.

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