Client - CallidusCloud (SAP Sales Cloud)

Industry - Enterprise Software

About the Client

CallidusCloud, now SAP Sales Cloud, is a global enterprise software and SaaS company headquartered in Dublin, California. The company is best known for its cloud-based solutions for sales effectiveness, sales performance management and sales execution (CPQ, CLM) software and services.

Products & Services

  • Configure Price Quote (CPQ)
  • Contract Lifecycle Management(CLM)
  • RevSym by SAP
  • ThunderBridge Analytics
  • ThunderBridge AI
  • LeadRocket & Clicktools
  • SAP Subscription Billing
  • OrientDB (open source NoSQL database management system)

Business Challenges

While providing a solution for CallidusCloud for SLA Adherence for its cases, Jade Global had to devise a method to accurately update cases from customers located in different time zones. SLA clock measurements were being miscalculated due to multiple users updating cases from each time zone.

CallidusCloud wanted to ensure that India business accounting and reporting were transferred into the NetSuite System. The reporting needed to adhere to both India and U.S. GAAP standards which required different treatment in certain scenarios.

  • A heavy customer base in different countries required around-the-clock support
  • CallidusCloud’s India Business was using a separate financial system (Tally ERP). Data stored in both systems led to duplicate efforts, delays in month-end period close activity, and reconciliation
  • Many bills were pending in queue for approvals due to high volume and need for redefined logic as per business flow
  • Need to leverage revenue management capabilities after acquiring RevSym which required integration with NetSuite
  • CallidusCloud wanted to migrate its Case Management data to ServiceNow from Netsuite, but ServiceNow Web Service only supported single record integrations at a time. Lengthy back and forth communications produced very high data

Business Requirements

In August 2016, the Head of IT at CallidusCloud contacted Jade Global for overall Netsuite support. With international customers from different countries who required around-the-clock support, CallidusCloud was seeking additional support outside of business hours to ensure prompt service. The IT Head was also looking to migrate CallidusCloud’s India business side to NetSuite from an age-old Tally ERP Software. This would prevent the need to support multiple systems for maintaining data.

With NetSuite as its primary accounting and financial system, CallidusCloud needed assistance on reporting requirements and other enhancements related to purchase and sale processes. CallidusCloud acquired RevSym in 2017. The acquisition left CallidusCloud looking to integrate the system with its Accounting (NetSuite) system and build a connector to be used by customers.

Increasing numbers of product acquisitions and a growing customer base made it imperative to migrate CallidusCloud to a CRM system which was more responsive, scalable, highly reliable, and which provided more analytics and reporting capabilities.

  • To support entire case management in NetSuite for its international customers across different countries
  • To design, develop and customize enhancement requests within NetSuite as per business needs
  • To migrate CallidusCloud’s India business from Tally to NetSuite
  • Migrate to a more efficient CRM system with better scalability, improved performance, visibility and analytics capabilities to accommodate an increasing client and customer base
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Business Benefits

  • Customer visibility into historical cases
  • Faster response time for bill approvals leading to efficiency
  • Increased customer base due to availability of connector for Netsuite - RevSym
  • Increased customer, employee and partner satisfaction, as SLA’s were accurately tracked and maintained
  • Accurate and efficient reporting for Indian GAAP and U.S. GAAP for its Indian Subsidiary

Business Value Delivered

After working with Jade Global, CallidusCloud was able streamline its different systems into one for both India and U.S. accounting and reporting, while still meeting the GAAP for both countries. This led to greater efficiency and more accurate reporting. In addition, CallidusCloud was able to leverage the capabilities of revenue management and recognition needs as per U.S. GAAP

An additional business benefit was that CallidusCloud experienced faster response times in bill approvals; approvers lo longer had to login to NetSuite in order to approve bills in queue. Overall customer visibility improved in CallidusCloud’s historical cases after Jade migrated data from NetSuite to the ServiceNow system.

Jade Global’s support services helped CallidusCloud track and maintain SLA’s (Service Level Agreements) with its customers. Alerts were made available where SLA’s were at risk of being overlooked. These alert notifications helped CallidusCloud serve its customers in a timely manner and adhere to SLA’s.

The Solution

In order to improve accuracy and efficiency in reporting as per Indian GAAP and U.S. GAAP standards, Jade Global migrated CallidusCloud’s Legacy system to a cloud-based ERP. Jade migrated CallidusCloud’s India business accounting to NetSuite. The migration makes it possible to precisely calculate and track CallidusCloud’s SLA’s with customers as per a predefined matrix

Jade also helped CallidusCloud in historical case migration to ServiceNow, providing customers with visibility into all cases in single system. Jade assisted in developing a customized bill approval workflow where there is no longer a need for an approver to login to NetSuite to approve/reject bills. Jade also helped CallidusCloud overcome its technical challenges while integrating NetSuite with RevSym by building a connector. The improvements resulted in significant increases in response time, efficiency, and reporting processes.

  • CallidusCloud was able to track SLA’s with its customer and adhere to it
  • A customized bill approval process was designed as per the business needs without requiring the approver to login to NetSuite for approval/rejection
  • India business accounting was migrated to NetSuite which helped increase efficiencies in the accounting and finance teams
  • Jade built a connector between NetSuite with RevSym
  • Jade migrated historical data from NetSuite to ServiceNow