About the Client

OmniVision Technologies is a privately held fabless semiconductor company that designs and develops advanced digital imaging solutions for mobile phones, notebooks, webcams, surveillance cameras, digital still and video cameras, and automotive and medical imaging systems. In addition, they were the first company to introduce commercial image sensors using backside illumination (OmniBSI™). With more than 1,600 employees worldwide and over 6.5 billion products shipped, OmniVision is at the forefront of the digital imaging technology revolution. OmniVision was founded in 1995 and is headquartered in Santa Clara, California, with outsourced manufacturing centers in Asia.

Customer/IT Landscape:

  • Oracle EBS 12.1.3
  • Financials, Manufacturing, Supply Chain,
  • Oracle BI
  • Web Applications Key Server and Licensing Portal in Java, Python and PHP
  • Database Support – Oracle
  • Datacenter: in-house and OCI

Multi-Partner Environment:

  • Production Support:
    • Jade Global for support
  • Application Development:
    • Jade Global for Oracle projects

Business Requirements

When Jade Global began working with OmniVision Technologies, the business used Oracle Apps (Oracle E-Business Suite R12) for its ERP system and Oracle Data Guard for its disaster recovery (DR) site. OmniVision’s DR site for database and applications was in Colorado. The DR had been set up with an Oracle application and database server using Oracle Data Guard. This comprehensive software ensures high availability, data protection and disaster recovery for enterprise data. However, despite having a dedicated pipeline between primary and standby sites, OmniVision was facing multiple issues. For example, site sync was slow, expensive, and unusable as a standby database due to bandwidth issues. In addition, where the instance was used as a switchover on the DR site, tests showed issues with accessing the instance.

As for maintenance, all tasks required personnel to travel to the on-site location, which increased costs physically. OmniVision spent over $1,000 per month on a dedicated pipe network, travel, and one-time hardware costs. Finally, frequent network timeout issues and limitations led to performance degradation. OmniVision was seeking help from Jade Global to locate an alternate site to migrate its Oracle DR and reduce costs and associated issues.

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Business Challenges


All maintenance tasks required in-person travel, increasing the cost of maintenance.


Performance degradation due to network limitations.


Issues with Oracle Application server and database server in DR site: Slow site sync, expensive and unusable as a standby database due to limited bandwidth.