This cloud infrastructure case study explores the strategic partnership between Lattice Semiconductor and Jade Global, which was aimed at enhancing and streamlining Lattice's IT infrastructure to support global operations. Jade Global assisted Lattice Semiconductor in reducing system downtime and maximizing productivity, addressing a wide range of IT domains, from desktop management to cloud infrastructure management services and data security. Jade Global's alignment with Lattice Semiconductor's goals ensured seamless global IT operations, resulting in an 68% reduction in ticket overload.

Client: Lattice Semiconductor

Industry: Semiconductor

About the Client

Lattice Semiconductor is an American semiconductor company that specializes in designing and manufacturing low-power field-programmable gate arrays. Headquartered in the Silicon Forest area of Hillsboro, Oregon, it is the leader in low-power programmability, solving customer problems across the network — from the Edge to the Cloud — in growing markets such as communications, computing, industrial, automotive, and consumer electronics.

Business Requirements and Challenges

Lattice Semiconductor sought to upgrade its IT infrastructure management services to support its expanding digital needs and customer demands. In its current IT setup, they were facing several key challenges, such as:

  • Unified IT Management:- Lattice required a single-point accountability system to manage its distributed and hybrid IT environment, ensuring smooth operations and minimal impact on service levels.
  • Technological Evolution:- Lattice needed to navigate complex, evolving tech landscapes while securing its systems against emerging cybersecurity threats.
  • Legacy System Integration:- The challenge of integrating out-of-support legacy devices with new technologies required innovative solutions to maintain scalability and efficiency.
  • Data Management Efficiency:- Lattice sought to streamline its data management processes, improving the efficiency of information handling and storage across global operations.

The Solution

Jade Global provided several key solutions, each contributing significantly to operational improvements:

  • Cost-Optimized IT Operations:- Implemented strategic processes, network restructures, and updated storage and backup policies, resulting in significant cost savings. This reallocation of the budget supports growth initiatives while maintaining service excellence at Lattice.
  • CMMI Level 5 Matured Delivery Process:- Achieved the highest level of delivery process maturity, ensuring that Lattice receives IT services and solutions that are consistently efficient, predictable, and of superior quality.
  • Increased Infrastructure Uptime and Efficiency:- Enhanced reliability and performance of IT systems significantly reduced operational downtime, boosting productivity through proactive maintenance and system optimization.
  • Unified Infrastructure Visibility:- Integrated advanced monitoring tools provided a comprehensive view of Lattice's IT landscape, enabling rapid decision-making and swift issue resolution.
  • Enhanced Threat Management System:- Improved security measures through advanced detection and response mechanisms significantly reduced Lattice’s vulnerability to cyber threats, safeguarding critical data and systems.