McGrath Rental Corp – Case Study

How McGrath turned its processes around for the better, eliminating manual tasks and monitoring leveraging Cloud Infrastructure Services by Jade Global

About the Client

Founded in 1979, McGrath RentCorp manages a diversified portfolio of business-to-business equipment rental providers worldwide. McGrath businesses serve a broad spectrum of industries, including telecommunications, construction, education, petrochemical and environmental. McGrath is traded on the NASDAQ Global Select Market under the symbol “MGRC".

On the customer front, they required a strong Oracle CRM integration, email notification for both customer and the marketing team, and several powerful integrations like Google reviews, Google analytics API, Converge Track API, and SEO integration and maintenance.

Business Requirements:

What McGrath needed foremostly was to develop responsive, user-friendly, and scalable websites for the ATR and TRS division. This meant going granular with the website structure that makes its easily navigable, intuitive and empowers their marketing team. They sought a way to continually perform enhancements to implement new changes and improve the existing functionality.

Additionally, they faced challenges like:

  • Complex flow to read data from TRS division’s server
  • Custom building API for oracle CRM integration for PHP
  • Low search engine ranking
  • Complex and dynamic menu design
  • Cleansing error prone data from on premise database
  • Extra human efforts to manage and maintain on premise servers
  • Location detection for location base dynamic content visibility