Your organization needs cloud security services as you advance your digital transformation strategy and incorporates cloud-based tools and services as part of your infrastructure. An obvious concern is security and securing what is put there lies with you. A cloud security alliance that combines technology, policies, and best practices can ensure that data and information are both compliant and secure on the cloud.

Challenges in cloud security

Cloud Infra infographic

The primary concern on cloud security is centered mainly on access and data, as this lies with you. You must understand what data is being stored on the cloud, the level of protection that the cloud provider offers, and who has access to the data within the organization or outside.

Cloud Security Offerings



Provide consulting and implementation services for vulnerability management in the CI/CD process


Edge Security

Provide consulting and implementation services for edge security solutions (WAF/Bot Management, DDOS etc.)


Fully Managed L3 SOC

Provide end-to-end SOC services that encompass the entire ecosystem of the customer, including data center, cloud, office and edge

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