This case study showcases Jade Global's partnership with a premier online retail client, focusing on network transformation services to meet evolving digital demands. The project focused on enhancing security, optimizing network operations, and transitioning to a more scalable system. This initiative resulted in a remarkable 80% reduction in website downtime costs, which resulted in improved network monitoring, a disaster recovery plan, and a 20% surge in revenue growth. Implementing advanced security protocols and automating network management processes were key to these achievements, significantly boosting system reliability and improving the overall customer shopping experience.

Industry: Retail

About the Client

The client is an online retailer offering a wide array of clothing and outdoor recreation gear. It caters to enthusiasts of hiking, camping, biking, climbing, winter sports, fishing, kayaking, rafting, and running. Rooted in a genuine passion for outdoor exploration, the company provides a one-stop destination for gear and apparel, reflecting a deep appreciation for adventure and mountain exploration.

Business Requirements

The Retail Giant partnered with Jade Global to address several critical business needs:

  • Network Project Support Continuous network infrastructure support was needed, necessitating 24/7 proactive monitoring, incident resolution, and change management to maintain seamless operations.
  • Network Security A stronger security posture was essential to safeguard sensitive customer data and ensure uninterrupted online operations, addressing the vulnerabilities of the existing IT infrastructure.
  • Performance Optimization Enhancing network performance was critical to ensure rapid website loading speeds and provide customers with an uninterrupted shopping experience, overcoming the limitations of the outdated network infrastructure.
  • Cost Savings Streamlining network operations to reduce overall IT expenditures was required, aiming to alleviate the financial impact of inefficiencies and operational overhead caused by fragmented network management processes and disparate tools.

The Solution

Jade Global implemented a comprehensive network transformation solution for Backcountry, comprising of

  • Network Architecture Redesign Solution: Jade Global upgraded the Retail giant's infrastructure with advanced technologies to enhance scalability, security, and performance, addressing the critical need for a modernized system capable of supporting future growth.
  • 24/7 Network Infrastructure Services: A dedicated team of highly skilled network engineers provided continuous support, ensuring round-the-clock monitoring and proactive maintenance to maintain optimal network performance.
  • Incident Management Solution: A proactive approach to identifying, monitoring, and resolving network issues was adopted to minimize site downtime and ensure uninterrupted operations, demonstrating a commitment to operational excellence

The Business Benefits

  • Reduced website downtime costs by 80%, saving crucial operational expenses with proactive measures
  • Achieved 50% faster disaster recovery, swiftly resuming operations after disruptions
  • Experienced up to 30% savings in IT expenditure, cutting costs through streamlined operations
  • Enhanced issue resolution efficiency by 25%, speeding up problem-solving and boosting productivity
  • Enabled 20% faster scaling of IT infrastructure, quickly adapting to business demands